to pull; to draw; to pull back; to withdraw; to flash past

strokes 12
strokes after radical 8
安全掣 安全掣 an1 quan2 che4
emergency stop

掣电 掣電 che4 dian4
to flash; a flash (literary)

掣肘 掣肘 che4 zhou3
(lit.) to hold sb by the elbow; (fig.) to hold back; to impede; to handicap

风驰电掣 風馳電掣 feng1 chi2 dian4 che4
fast as lightning

牵掣 牽掣 qian1 che4
to impede; to hold up

手掣 手掣 shou3 che4
handbrake; game controller (Cantonese)

锁掣 鎖掣 suo3 che4
catch (of a lock)