to receive; to answer (the phone); to meet or welcome sb; to connect; to catch; to join; to extend; to take one's turn on duty; to take over for sb

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
拨号连接 撥號連接 bo1 hao4 lian2 jie1
dial-up connection; dial-up networking

拨接 撥接 bo1 jie1
dial-up (Internet connection)

超级链接 超級鏈接 chao1 ji2 lian4 jie1
hyperlink (in HTML)

超链接 超鏈接 chao1 lian4 jie1
hyperlink, link

承接 承接 cheng2 jie1
to receive; to accept; to carry on

成语接龙 成語接龍 cheng2 yu3 jie1 long2
game where the last word of one idiom 成語|成语 is the first of the next

传宗接代 傳宗接代 chuan2 zong1 jie1 dai4
to carry on one's ancestral line

雌性接口 雌性接口 ci2 xing4 jie1 kou3
female connector

搭接 搭接 da1 jie1
to join; to connect up

搭接片 搭接片 da1 jie1 pian4
buckle; connector; overlapping joint

待人接物 待人接物 dai4 ren2 jie1 wu4
the way one treats people

单连接站 單連接站 dan1 lian2 jie1 zhan4
single attachment station (telecommunications)

地接 地接 di4 jie1
local guide; tour escort

电缆接头 電纜接頭 dian4 lan3 jie1 tou2
cable gland

动态链接库 動態鏈接庫 dong4 tai4 lian4 jie1 ku4
dynamic-link library (DLL); shared library (computing)

短兵相接 短兵相接 duan3 bing1 xiang1 jie1
lit. short-weaponed soldiery fight one another (idiom); fierce hand-to-hand infantry combat; to fight at close quarters

对接 對接 dui4 jie1
to join up; to dock; a joint (between components)

反接 反接 fan3 jie1
trussed; with hands tied behind the back

非直接 非直接 fei1 zhi2 jie1

辐射直接效应 輻射直接效應 fu2 she4 zhi2 jie1 xiao4 ying4
direct effect of radiation

割接 割接 ge1 jie1
(network) cutover; (system) migration

管理接口 管理接口 guan3 li3 jie1 kou3
management interface

光接收器 光接收器 guang1 jie1 shou1 qi4
optical receiver

光纤分布式数据接口 光纖分布式數據接口 guang1 xian1 fen1 bu4 shi4 shu4 ju4 jie1 kou3
Fiber Distributed Data Interface; FDDI

光纤分布数据接口 光纖分佈數據接口 guang1 xian1 fen1 bu4 shu4 ju4 jie1 kou3
FDDI; Fiber Distributed Data Interface

光纤接口 光纖接口 guang1 xian1 jie1 kou3
optical interface

焊接 焊接 han4 jie1
to weld; welding

互相连接 互相連接 hu4 xiang1 lian2 jie1

加密套接字协议层 加密套接字協議層 jia1 mi4 tao4 jie1 zi4 xie2 yi4 ceng2
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) (computing)

嫁接 嫁接 jia4 jie1
to graft (a branch to a rootstock)

间接税 間接稅 jian1 jie1 shui4
indirect tax

间接选举 間接選舉 jian1 jie1 xuan3 ju3
indirect election

剪接 剪接 jian3 jie1
film-editing; montage; to cut or edit film

间接 間接 jian4 jie1

间接宾语 間接賓語 jian4 jie1 bin1 yu3
indirect object (grammar)

间接证据 間接證據 jian4 jie1 zheng4 ju4
indirect testimony; circumstantial evidence

交接 交接 jiao1 jie1
(of two things) to come into contact; to meet; to hand over to; to take over from; to associate with; to have friendly relations with; to have sexual intercourse

胶接 膠接 jiao1 jie1
to splice; a glued joint; a bond

交接班 交接班 jiao1 jie1 ban1
to change shift

交头接耳 交頭接耳 jiao1 tou2 jie1 er3
to whisper to one another's ear

角膜接触镜 角膜接觸鏡 jiao3 mo2 jie1 chu4 jing4
contact lens

接案 接案 jie1 an4
to be informed of a case; to take a case; to contract for a job (as a freelancer)

接班 接班 jie1 ban1
to take over (from those working the previous shift); to take over (in a leadership role etc); to succeed sb

接班人 接班人 jie1 ban1 ren2

接棒人 接棒人 jie1 bang4 ren2

接驳 接駁 jie1 bo2
to access; to transfer passengers between two railway lines

接泊车 接泊車 jie1 bo2 che1
shuttle bus

接驳车 接駁車 jie1 bo2 che1
shuttle bus ferrying passengers between train stations on two different rail lines

接碴 接碴 jie1 cha2
to pursue a conversation; to respond

接触 接觸 jie1 chu4
to touch; to contact; access; in touch with

接触不良 接觸不良 jie1 chu4 bu4 liang2
loose or defective contact (elec.)

接触器 接觸器 jie1 chu4 qi4

接待 接待 jie1 dai4
to receive (a visitor); to admit (allow sb to enter)

接待室 接待室 jie1 dai4 shi4
reception room

接待员 接待員 jie1 dai4 yuan2

接单 接單 jie1 dan1
order (for goods etc)

接到 接到 jie1 dao4
to receive (letter etc)

接地 接地 jie1 di4
earth (electric connection); to earth

接点 接點 jie1 dian3
(electrical) contact

接二连三 接二連三 jie1 er4 lian2 san1
one after another (idiom); in quick succession

接发 接髮 jie1 fa4
hair extensions

接风 接風 jie1 feng1
to hold a welcoming dinner or reception

接缝 接縫 jie1 feng4
seam; join; juncture

接骨木 接骨木 jie1 gu3 mu4
elder or elderberry (genus Sambucus)

接管 接管 jie1 guan3
to take over; to assume control

接轨 接軌 jie1 gui3
railtrack connection; to integrate into sth; to dock; to connect; to be in step with; to bring into line with; to align

接过 接過 jie1 guo4
to take (sth proffered)

接合 接合 jie1 he2
to connect; to join; to assemble

接合菌纲 接合菌綱 jie1 he2 jun1 gang1

接活 接活 jie1 huo2
to take on a piece of work; to pick up some freelance work; (of a taxi driver) to pick up a fare

接获 接獲 jie1 huo4
to receive (a call, report etc)

接机 接機 jie1 ji1
jointing machine; riveter; welder; sealer; to meet a plane (i.e. to meet sb at airport); to service a plane (of airport workers)

接济 接濟 jie1 ji4
to give material assistance to

接见 接見 jie1 jian4
to receive sb; to grant an interview

接近 接近 jie1 jin4
to approach; to get close to

接客 接客 jie1 ke4
to receive guests; to receive patrons (of prostitutes)

接口 接口 jie1 kou3
interface; port; connector

接口模块 接口模塊 jie1 kou3 mo2 kuai4
interface module

接力 接力 jie1 li4

接力棒 接力棒 jie1 li4 bang4
relay baton; (fig.) responsibilities (passed over to one's successor)

接力赛 接力賽 jie1 li4 sai4
relay race

接力赛跑 接力賽跑 jie1 li4 sai4 pao3
relay race

接连 接連 jie1 lian2
on end; in a row; in succession

接连不断 接連不斷 jie1 lian2 bu4 duan4
in unbroken succession (idiom)

接纳 接納 jie1 na4
to admit (to membership)

接洽 接洽 jie1 qia4
to discuss a matter with sb; to get in touch with; to arrange

接球 接球 jie1 qiu2
to receive a served ball (volleyball, tennis etc); to catch a ball thrown by sb

接壤 接壤 jie1 rang3
to border on

接人 接人 jie1 ren2
to meet a person

接入 接入 jie1 ru4
to access; access

接上 接上 jie1 shang4
to connect (a cable etc); to hook up (a device); to resume (a conversation); to set (a bone)

接生 接生 jie1 sheng1
to deliver (a newborn child)

接生婆 接生婆 jie1 sheng1 po2

接收 接收 jie1 shou1
reception (of transmitted signal); to receive; to accept; to admit; to take over (e.g. a factory); to expropriate

接收机 接收機 jie1 shou1 ji1
receiver; TV or radio receiver

接收器 接收器 jie1 shou1 qi4

接收器灵敏度 接收器靈敏度 jie1 shou1 qi4 ling2 min3 du4
receiver sensitivity

接手 接手 jie1 shou3
to take over (duties etc); catcher (baseball etc)

接受 接受 jie1 shou4
to accept; to receive

接受审问 接受審問 jie1 shou4 shen3 wen4
under interrogation (for a crime); on trial

接受者 接受者 jie1 shou4 zhe3
recipient; person receiving sth

接送 接送 jie1 song4
picking up and dropping off; greeting and sending off; shuttle (transport service)

接穗 接穗 jie1 sui4
scion (branch or bud that is grafted onto rootstock)

接替 接替 jie1 ti4
to replace; to take over (a position or post)

接听 接聽 jie1 ting1
to answer the phone

接通 接通 jie1 tong1
to connect; to put through

接通费 接通費 jie1 tong1 fei4
connection charge

接头 接頭 jie1 tou2
to join; to connect; connection; junction; fitting (plumbing); connector; terminal (electrical engineering)

接尾词 接尾詞 jie1 wei3 ci2
suffix (in Japanese and Korean grammar)

接吻 接吻 jie1 wen3
to kiss

接戏 接戲 jie1 xi4
to accept an acting role

接下 接下 jie1 xia4
continuing on

接下来 接下來 jie1 xia4 lai2
to accept; to take; next; following

接线 接線 jie1 xian4
wiring; to connect a wire

接线盒 接線盒 jie1 xian4 he2
junction box (elec.)

接线生 接線生 jie1 xian4 sheng1
switchboard operator; phone operator

接线员 接線員 jie1 xian4 yuan2
switchboard operator

接续 接續 jie1 xu4
to follow; to continue

接应 接應 jie1 ying4
to provide support; to come to the rescue

接掌 接掌 jie1 zhang3
to take over; to take control

接着 接著 jie1 zhe5
to catch and hold on; to continue; to go on to do sth; to follow; to carry on; then; after that; subsequently; to proceed; to ensue; in turn; in one's turn

接枝 接枝 jie1 zhi1
(tree) graft

接踵 接踵 jie1 zhong3
to follow on sb's heels

接踵而来 接踵而來 jie1 zhong3 er2 lai2
to come one after the other

接种 接種 jie1 zhong4
to vaccinate; to inoculate

接住 接住 jie1 zhu4
to catch (sth thrown etc); to receive (sth given); to accept

紧接 緊接 jin3 jie1
immediately adjacent; immediately following; to follow closely on

进接 進接 jin4 jie1
(computing) access (to a network)

进接服务 進接服務 jin4 jie1 fu2 wu4
access server

拒不接受 拒不接受 ju4 bu4 jie1 shou4
refusing to accept

拒接 拒接 ju4 jie1
to reject; to refuse to take a call

可接受性 可接受性 ke3 jie1 shou4 xing4

跨接器 跨接器 kua4 jie1 qi4
jumper (electronics)

连接 連接 lian2 jie1
to link; to join; to attach; connection; a link (on web page)

联接 聯接 lian2 jie1
variant of 連接|连接

连接词 連接詞 lian2 jie1 ci2

连接号 連接號 lian2 jie1 hao4

连接框 連接框 lian2 jie1 kuang4
connection frame; linked frame

连接酶 連接酶 lian2 jie1 mei2

连接器 連接器 lian2 jie1 qi4

连接至 連接至 lian2 jie1 zhi4
to connect to

链接 鏈接 lian4 jie1
link (on a website)

邻接 鄰接 lin2 jie1
adjacent; next to

铆接 鉚接 mao3 jie1
riveted joint

媒体接口连接器 媒體接口連接器 mei2 ti3 jie1 kou3 lian2 jie1 qi4
medium interface connector

密接 密接 mi4 jie1
closely connected; inseparably related

面向连接 面嚮連接 mian4 xiang4 lian2 jie1

摩肩接踵 摩肩接踵 mo2 jian1 jie1 zhong3
lit. rubbing shoulders and following in each other's footsteps; a thronging crowd

目不暇接 目不暇接 mu4 bu4 xia2 jie1
lit. too much for the eye to take in (idiom); a feast for the eyes

难于接近 難於接近 nan2 yu2 jie1 jin4
(of people) difficult to approach; inaccessible

配接卡 配接卡 pei4 jie1 ka3
adapter (device)

拼接 拼接 pin1 jie1
to put together; to join

桥接 橋接 qiao2 jie1
bridging (in computer networks)

桥接器 橋接器 qiao2 jie1 qi4
bridge (networking)

青黄不接 青黃不接 qing1 huang2 bu4 jie1
lit. yellow does not reach green (idiom); the yellow autumn crop does not last until the green spring crop; temporary deficit in manpower or resources; unable to make ends meet

权力交接 權力交接 quan2 li4 jiao1 jie1
transfer of power; to hand over power

上气不接下气 上氣不接下氣 shang4 qi4 bu4 jie1 xia4 qi4
not enough breath (idiom); to gasp for breath

首尾相接 首尾相接 shou3 wei3 xiang1 jie1
to join head to tail; bumper-to-bumper (of traffic jam)

数据接口 數據接口 shu4 ju4 jie1 kou3
data interface

数据链路连接标识 數據鏈路連接標識 shu4 ju4 lian4 lu4 lian2 jie1 biao1 zhi4
data link connection identifier (DLCI)

双连接站 雙連接站 shuang1 lian2 jie1 zhan4
dual attachment station

外部连接 外部連接 wai4 bu4 lian2 jie1
external link

外部链接 外部鏈接 wai4 bu4 lian4 jie1
external link (on website)

外接圆 外接圓 wai4 jie1 yuan2
circumscribed circle (of a polygon)

外商直接投资 外商直接投資 wai4 shang1 zhi2 jie1 tou2 zi1
overseas foreign direct investment (OFDI)

网管接口 網管接口 wang3 guan3 jie1 kou3
network management interface

网路链接层 網路鏈接層 wang3 lu4 lian4 jie1 ceng2
network link layer

无缝连接 無縫連接 wu2 feng4 lian2 jie1
seamless connection

无连接 無連接 wu2 lian2 jie1

无线电接收机 無線電接收機 wu2 xian4 dian4 jie1 shou1 ji1
receiver (radio)

衔接 銜接 xian2 jie1
to join together; to combine

相接 相接 xiang1 jie1
to merge with; interlinking; to join with; to interlock

性接触 性接觸 xing4 jie1 chu4
sexual encounter

虚拟连接 虛擬連接 xu1 ni3 lian2 jie1
virtual connection

延接 延接 yan2 jie1
to receive sb

一个接一个 一個接一個 yi1 ge5 jie1 yi1 ge5
one by one; one after another

移花接木 移花接木 yi2 hua1 jie1 mu4
lit. to graft flowers onto a tree; to surreptiously substitute one thing for another (idiom)

易接近 易接近 yi4 jie1 jin4

异性性接触 異性性接觸 yi4 xing4 xing4 jie1 chu4
heterosexual sex

迎接 迎接 ying2 jie1
to meet; to welcome; to greet

迎接挑战 迎接挑戰 ying2 jie1 tiao3 zhan4
to meet a challenge

应接 應接 ying4 jie1
to attend to; to deal with

应接不暇 應接不暇 ying4 jie1 bu4 xia2
more than one can attend to (idiom); deluged (with inquiries etc); overwhelmed (by the beauty of the scenery)

用户到网络的接口 用戶到網絡的接口 yong4 hu4 dao4 wang3 luo4 de5 jie1 kou3
User-Network Interface; UNI

用户到网络接口 用戶到網絡接口 yong4 hu4 dao4 wang3 luo4 jie1 kou3
user-network interface; UNI

预防接种 預防接種 yu4 fang2 jie1 zhong4
prophylactic inoculation

再接再厉 再接再厲 zai4 jie1 zai4 li4
to continue the struggle (idiom); to persist; unremitting efforts

再接再砺 再接再礪 zai4 jie1 zai4 li4
variant of 再接再厲|再接再厉

粘接 粘接 zhan1 jie1
to bond; to splice

招接 招接 zhao1 jie1
to receive (guests, clients); to interact socially with

直接 直接 zhi2 jie1
direct; opposite: indirect 間接|间接; immediate; directly; straightforward

直接宾语 直接賓語 zhi2 jie1 bin1 yu3
direct object (grammar)

直接竞争 直接競爭 zhi2 jie1 jing4 zheng1
direct competitor; direct competition

直接了当 直接了當 zhi2 jie1 liao3 dang4
see 直截了當|直截了当

直接数据 直接數據 zhi2 jie1 shu4 ju4
data-direct (in LAN emulation)

直接税 直接稅 zhi2 jie1 shui4
direct tax

直接选举 直接選舉 zhi2 jie1 xuan3 ju3
direct election

转接 轉接 zhuan3 jie1
switch; connection; to put through (to telephone extension)