to push; to cut; to refuse; to reject; to decline; to shirk (responsibility); to put off; to delay; to push forward; to nominate; to elect; massage

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
半推半就 半推半就 ban4 tui1 ban4 jiu4
half willing and half unwilling (idiom); to yield after making a show of resistance

波推 波推 bo1 tui1
see 胸推

不完全归纳推理 不完全歸納推理 bu4 wan2 quan2 gui1 na4 tui1 li3
inference by incomplete induction

层压式推销 層壓式推銷 ceng2 ya1 shi4 tui1 xiao1
pyramid scheme

长江后浪推前浪 長江後浪推前浪 chang2 jiang1 hou4 lang4 tui1 qian2 lang4
lit. the rear waves of the Yangtze River drive on those before (idiom); fig. the new is constantly replacing the old; each new generation excels the previous; (of things) to be constantly evolving

递推 遞推 di4 tui1
recursion; recursive (calculation); recurrence

递推公式 遞推公式 di4 tui1 gong1 shi4
recurrence formula

递推关系 遞推關係 di4 tui1 guan1 xi4
recurrence relation

非递推 非遞推 fei1 di4 tui1

公推 公推 gong1 tui1
elected by acclamation; recommended by all

购物手推车 購物手推車 gou4 wu4 shou3 tui1 che1
shopping cart

古根罕喷气推进研究中心 古根罕噴氣推進研究中心 gu3 gen1 han3 pen1 qi4 tui1 jin4 yan2 jiu1 zhong1 xin1
Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology (GALCIT, from 1926); Guggenheim Jet Propulsion Center (from 1943)

归纳推理 歸納推理 gui1 na4 tui1 li3
inference by induction (method of deduction in logic)

核推进 核推進 he2 tui1 jin4
nuclear propulsion

互相推诿 互相推諉 hu4 xiang1 tui1 wei3
mutually shirking responsibilities (idiom); each blaming the other; passing the buck to and fro; each trying to unload responsibilities onto the other

火箭推进榴弹 火箭推進榴彈 huo3 jian4 tui1 jin4 liu2 dan4
rocket-propelled grenade (RPG)

借词推搪 藉詞推搪 jie4 ci2 tui1 tang2
to make a lot of excuses

介之推 介之推 jie4 zhi1 tui1
Jie Zhitui (7th century BC), legendary selfless subject of Duke Wen of Jin 晉文公|晋文公, in whose honor the Qingming festival 清明 (Pure brightness or tomb-sweeping festival) is said to have been initiated

介子推 介子推 jie4 zi3 tui1
see 介之推

经不起推究 經不起推究 jing1 bu4 qi3 tui1 jiu1
does not bear examination

类推 類推 lei4 tui1
to reason by analogy

喷漆推进 噴漆推進 pen1 qi1 tui1 jin4
jet propulsion

喷气推进实验室 噴氣推進實驗室 pen1 qi4 tui1 jin4 shi2 yan4 shi4
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, R&D center in Pasadena, California

沙盘推演 沙盤推演 sha1 pan2 tui1 yan3
to plan a military mission on a sand table (idiom); to rehearse a planned action or activity; to conduct a dry run

首推 首推 shou3 tui1
to regard as the foremost; to name as a prime example

手推车 手推車 shou3 tui1 che1
trolley; cart; barrow; handcart; wheelbarrow; baby buggy

顺水推船 順水推船 shun4 shui3 tui1 chuan2
lit. to push the boat with the current; fig. to take advantage of the situation for one's own benefit

顺水推舟 順水推舟 shun4 shui3 tui1 zhou1
lit. to push the boat with the current; fig. to take advantage of the situation for one's own benefit

推本溯源 推本溯源 tui1 ben3 su4 yuan2
to go back to the source

推波助澜 推波助瀾 tui1 bo1 zhu4 lan2
to push the wave and add to the billows (idiom); to add momentum; to encourage sth to get bigger; to add fuel to the fire

推测 推測 tui1 ce4
speculation; to conjecture; to surmise; to speculate

推阐 推闡 tui1 chan3
to elucidate; to study and expound

推车 推車 tui1 che1
cart; trolley; to push a cart

推陈布新 推陳佈新 tui1 chen2 bu4 xin1
to push out the old and bring in the new (idiom); to innovate; to go beyond old ideas; advancing all the time

推陈出新 推陳出新 tui1 chen2 chu1 xin1
to push out the old and bring in the new (idiom); to innovate

推陈致新 推陳致新 tui1 chen2 zhi4 xin1
see 推陳出新|推陈出新

推迟 推遲 tui1 chi2
to postpone; to put off; to defer

推斥 推斥 tui1 chi4
repulsion; repulsive force (physics)

推斥力 推斥力 tui1 chi4 li4
repulsion; repulsive force (physics)

推崇 推崇 tui1 chong2
to esteem; to think highly of; to accord importance to; to revere

推出 推出 tui1 chu1
to push out; to release; to launch; to publish; to recommend

推辞 推辭 tui1 ci2
to decline (an appointment, invitation etc)

推戴 推戴 tui1 dai4
to endorse (sb for leader)

推宕 推宕 tui1 dang4
to postpone; to delay; to put sth off

推倒 推倒 tui1 dao3
to push over; to overthrow

推导 推導 tui1 dao3
derivation; to deduce

推定 推定 tui1 ding4
to infer; to consider and come to a judgment; to recommend; to estimate; deduced to be

推动 推動 tui1 dong4
to push (for acceptance of a plan); to push forward; to promote; to actuate

推动力 推動力 tui1 dong4 li4
driving force

推度 推度 tui1 du4
to infer; to guess

推断 推斷 tui1 duan4
to infer; to deduce; to predict; to extrapolate

推恩 推恩 tui1 en1
to extend kindness

推翻 推翻 tui1 fan1
to overthrow

推服 推服 tui1 fu2
to esteem; to admire

推杆 推桿 tui1 gan1
push rod or tappet (mechanics); putter (golf); to putt (golf)

推估 推估 tui1 gu1
to estimate

推故 推故 tui1 gu4
to find a pretext for refusing

推官 推官 tui1 guan1
prefectural judge (in imperial China)

推广 推廣 tui1 guang3
to extend; to spread; to popularize; generalization; promotion (of a product etc)

推后 推後 tui1 hou4
to push back (progress, the times etc)

推及 推及 tui1 ji2
to spread; to extend

推计 推計 tui1 ji4
to estimate; to deduce (by calculation)

推荐 推薦 tui1 jian4
to recommend; recommendation

推荐书 推薦書 tui1 jian4 shu1
recommendation letter

推荐信 推薦信 tui1 jian4 xin4
recommendation letter

推介 推介 tui1 jie4
promotion; to promote; to introduce and recommend

推介会 推介會 tui1 jie4 hui4
promotional seminar; promotional event

推进 推進 tui1 jin4
to impel; to carry forward; to push on; to advance; to drive forward

推进舱 推進艙 tui1 jin4 cang1
propulsion module; service module (astronautics)

推进机 推進機 tui1 jin4 ji1
see 推進器|推进器

推进剂 推進劑 tui1 jin4 ji4
propellant; rocket fuel

推进器 推進器 tui1 jin4 qi4
propeller; propulsion unit; thruster

推究 推究 tui1 jiu1
to study; to examine; to probe; to study the underlying principles

推举 推舉 tui1 ju3
to elect; to choose; press (weightlifting technique)

推开 推開 tui1 kai1
to push open (a gate etc); to push away; to reject; to decline

推拉门 推拉門 tui1 la1 men2
sliding door

推来推去 推來推去 tui1 lai2 tui1 qu4
(idiom) to rudely push and pull others; (idiom) to evade responsibility and push it to others

推理 推理 tui1 li3
reasoning; speculative; inference

推理小说 推理小說 tui1 li3 xiao3 shuo1
murder mystery (novel); whodunit

推论 推論 tui1 lun4
to infer; inference; corollary; reasoned conclusion

推拿 推拿 tui1 na2
tui na (form of Chinese manual therapy)

推敲 推敲 tui1 qiao1
to think over

推求 推求 tui1 qiu2
to inquire; to ascertain

推却 推卻 tui1 que4
to repel; to decline

推三阻四 推三阻四 tui1 san1 zu3 si4
to use all sorts of excuses

推搡 推搡 tui1 sang3
to shove; to jostle

推手 推手 tui1 shou3
promoter; advocate; driving force; pushing hands (two-person training routine esp. in t'ai chi)

推说 推說 tui1 shuo1
to plead; to claim as an excuse

推溯 推溯 tui1 su4
to trace back to

推算 推算 tui1 suan4
to calculate; to reckon; to extrapolate (in calculation)

推索 推索 tui1 suo3
to inquire into; to ascertain

推搪 推搪 tui1 tang2
to offer excuses (colloquial); to stall

推特 推特 tui1 te4
Twitter (microblogging service)

推头 推頭 tui1 tou2
to clip hair; to have a haircut

推土机 推土機 tui1 tu3 ji1

推脱 推脫 tui1 tuo1
to evade; to shirk

推托 推托 tui1 tuo1
to make excuses; to give an excuse (for not doing something)

推挽 推挽 tui1 wan3
to push and pull; to move sth forward by shoving and pulling

推诿 推諉 tui1 wei3
to decline; to avoid; shirking responsibilities; to blame others; to pass the buck; to unload one's responsibilities; to try to get out of a task

推委 推委 tui1 wei3
variant of 推諉|推诿

推文 推文 tui1 wen2
tweet (on Twitter); (HK, Tw) to "bump" a forum thread to raise its profile; to reply to original poster (or recommend a post) on PTT bulletin board

推问 推問 tui1 wen4
to interrogate

推贤让能 推賢讓能 tui1 xian2 rang4 neng2
to cede to the virtuous and yield to the talented (idiom)

推详 推詳 tui1 xiang2
to study in detail

推想 推想 tui1 xiang3
to reckon; to infer; to imagine

推销 推銷 tui1 xiao1
to market; to sell

推销员 推銷員 tui1 xiao1 yuan2
sales representative; salesperson

推卸 推卸 tui1 xie4
to avoid (esp. responsibility); to shift (the blame); to pass the buck

推心 推心 tui1 xin1
to treat sincerely; to confide in

推心置腹 推心置腹 tui1 xin1 zhi4 fu4
to give one's bare heart into sb else's keeping (idiom); sb has one's absolute confidence; to trust completely; to confide in sb with entire sincerity

推行 推行 tui1 xing2
to put into effect; to carry out

推许 推許 tui1 xu3
to esteem; to commend

推选 推選 tui1 xuan3
to elect; to choose; to nominate

推寻 推尋 tui1 xun2
to examine; to investigate

推延 推延 tui1 yan2
to procrastinate

推演 推演 tui1 yan3
to deduce; to infer; to derive; an implication

推衍 推衍 tui1 yan3
to deduce; to infer; an implication; same as 推演

推移 推移 tui1 yi2
(of time) to elapse or pass; (of a situation) to develop or evolve

推油 推油 tui1 you2
oil massage

推展 推展 tui1 zhan3
to propagate; to popularize

推甄 推甄 tui1 zhen1
to recommend a student for admission to a higher-level school; to put a student on the recommendation track (one of several ways of gaining admission to a higher-level school in Taiwan); abbr. for 推薦甄選|推荐甄选

推知 推知 tui1 zhi1
to infer

推重 推重 tui1 zhong4
to esteem; to think highly of; to accord importance to; to revere

推助 推助 tui1 zhu4
to bolster; to give a boost to (the economy etc)

推子 推子 tui1 zi5
hair clippers

推尊 推尊 tui1 zun1
to esteem; to revere; to think highly of sb

臀推 臀推 tun2 tui1
massage using one's buttocks

外推 外推 wai4 tui1
to extrapolate

外推法 外推法 wai4 tui1 fa3
extrapolation (math.); to extrapolate

完全归纳推理 完全歸納推理 wan2 quan2 gui1 na4 tui1 li3
inference by complete induction

卧推 臥推 wo4 tui1
bench press

无罪推定 無罪推定 wu2 zui4 tui1 ding4
presumption of innocence (law)

新产品推介会 新產品推介會 xin1 chan3 pin3 tui1 jie4 hui4
product launch event

胸推 胸推 xiong1 tui1
massage using one's breasts

以此类推 以此類推 yi3 ci3 lei4 tui1
and so on; in a similar fashion

婴儿手推车 嬰兒手推車 ying1 er2 shou3 tui1 che1
baby buggy

硬推 硬推 ying4 tui1
to shove

有钱能使鬼推磨 有錢能使鬼推磨 you3 qian2 neng2 shi3 gui3 tui1 mo4
lit. money will make the Devil turn millstones (idiom); fig. with money, you can do anything you like

预期推理 預期推理 yu4 qi1 tui1 li3
predictive inference

扎实推进 扎實推進 zha1 shi5 tui1 jin4
solid progress