to depict; to trace (a drawing); to copy; to touch up

strokes 11
strokes after radical 9
白描 白描 bai2 miao2
line drawing in traditional ink and brush style; simple and straightforward style of writing

超声扫描 超聲掃描 chao1 sheng1 sao3 miao2
ultrasonic scan

电脑断层扫描 電腦斷層掃描 dian4 nao3 duan4 ceng2 sao3 miao2
CAT scan; CT scan

隔行扫描 隔行掃描 ge2 hang2 sao3 miao2
interlaced scanning

回描 回描 hui2 miao2
flyback (of electron beam in cathode ray tube); retrace

描红 描紅 miao2 hong2
to trace over red characters (as a method of learning to write)

描画 描畫 miao2 hua4
to draw; to describe

描绘 描繪 miao2 hui4
to describe; to portray

描金 描金 miao2 jin1
to outline in gold

描摹 描摹 miao2 mo2
to trace over; to take a copy (of a calligraphy, a painting etc); (fig.) to describe; to portray

描述 描述 miao2 shu4
to describe; description

描图 描圖 miao2 tu2
to trace

描写 描寫 miao2 xie3
to describe; to depict; to portray; description

轻描淡写 輕描淡寫 qing1 miao2 dan4 xie3
to sketch in light shades; to play down; to deemphasize (idiom)

人物描写 人物描寫 ren2 wu4 miao2 xie3

扫描 掃描 sao3 miao2
to scan

扫描器 掃描器 sao3 miao2 qi4

扫描仪 掃描儀 sao3 miao2 yi2
scanner (device)

数码扫描 數碼掃描 shu4 ma3 sao3 miao2
a digital scan

素描 素描 su4 miao2

愈描愈黑 愈描愈黑 yu4 miao2 yu4 hei1
see 越描越黑

越描越黑 越描越黑 yue4 miao2 yue4 hei1
lit. the more you touch things up, the darker they get; fig. to only make matters worse

逐行扫描 逐行掃描 zhu2 hang2 sao3 miao2
line by line scanning; progressive scanning