to fight; to combat; to seize; (of heart) to beat

strokes 13
strokes after radical 10
搏髀 搏髀 bo2 bi4
to beat time by slapping one's thighs

搏动 搏動 bo2 dong4
to beat rhythmically; to throb; to pulsate

搏斗 搏鬥 bo2 dou4
to wrestle; to fight; to struggle

搏击 搏擊 bo2 ji1
to fight, esp. with hands; wrestling (as a sport); to wrestle; to wrestle (against fate, with a problem etc); to capture prey

搏杀 搏殺 bo2 sha1
fighting; killing

搏战 搏戰 bo2 zhan4
to fight; to struggle; to wage war

放手一搏 放手一搏 fang4 shou3 yi1 bo2
to put one's all into the fight

脉搏 脈搏 mai4 bo2
pulse (both medical and figurative)

拼搏 拼搏 pin1 bo2
to struggle; to wrestle

起搏器 起搏器 qi3 bo2 qi4
artificial pacemaker

肉搏战 肉搏戰 rou4 bo2 zhan4
hand-to-hand combat

厮搏 廝搏 si1 bo2
to fight at close quarters; to tussle

心搏 心搏 xin1 bo2
heartbeat; pulse

早搏 早搏 zao3 bo2
(medicine) premature beat; extrasystole