to put up; to build (scaffolding); to hang (clothes on a pole); to connect; to join; to arrange in pairs; to match; to add; to throw in (resources); to take (boat, train); variant of 褡

strokes 12
strokes after radical 10
白搭 白搭 bai2 da1
no use; no good

不搭理 不搭理 bu4 da1 li3
variant of 不答理

抽搭 抽搭 chou1 da1
to sob; to cry

戳搭 戳搭 chuo1 da1
to knock; to jab

搭把手 搭把手 da1 ba3 shou3
to help out

搭把手儿 搭把手兒 da1 ba3 shou3 er5
erhua variant of 搭把手

搭白 搭白 da1 bai2
to answer

搭伴 搭伴 da1 ban4
travel with another; accompany another

搭帮 搭幫 da1 bang1
to travel together; thanks to

搭背 搭背 da1 bei4
harness pad (on draught animal)

搭便 搭便 da1 bian4
at one's convenience; in passing

搭便车 搭便車 da1 bian4 che1
to hitch a ride

搭膊 搭膊 da1 bo2
shoulder bag

搭补 搭補 da1 bu3
to subsidize; to make up (deficit)

搭茬 搭茬 da1 cha2
to respond

搭茬儿 搭茬兒 da1 cha2 er5
erhua variant of 搭茬

搭车 搭車 da1 che1
to ride (in a vehicle); to get a lift; to hitch-hike

搭乘 搭乘 da1 cheng2
to ride as a passenger; to travel by (car, plane etc)

搭挡 搭擋 da1 dang4
variant of 搭檔|搭档

搭档 搭檔 da1 dang4
to cooperate; partner

搭当 搭當 da1 dang4
variant of 搭檔|搭档

搭调 搭調 da1 diao4
to match; in tune; reasonable

搭缝 搭縫 da1 feng4
overlaid seam

搭盖 搭蓋 da1 gai4
to build (esp. with simple materials); to knock together (a temporary shed); to rig up

搭钩 搭鉤 da1 gou1
a hook; to make contact with sb

搭咕 搭咕 da1 gu1
to connect; to discuss

搭话 搭話 da1 hua4
to talk; to get into conversation with; to send word

搭伙 搭伙 da1 huo3
to join up with sb; to become partner; to take meals regularly in cafeteria

搭架子 搭架子 da1 jia4 zi5
to put up scaffolding; to build a framework; to launch an enterprise

搭肩 搭肩 da1 jian1
to help lift up onto one's shoulders; to stand on sb's shoulder

搭建 搭建 da1 jian4
to build (esp. with simple materials); to knock together (a temporary shed); to rig up

搭脚手架 搭腳手架 da1 jiao3 shou3 jia4
to put up scaffolding

搭接 搭接 da1 jie1
to join; to connect up

搭街坊 搭街坊 da1 jie1 fang5
to become neighbors

搭接片 搭接片 da1 jie1 pian4
buckle; connector; overlapping joint

搭界 搭界 da1 jie4
an interface; to relate with; to affiliate

搭救 搭救 da1 jiu4
to rescue

搭扣 搭扣 da1 kou4
a buckle or fastener for clothing that does not use a button and buttonhole (e.g. the buckle on metal wristwatches)

搭拉 搭拉 da1 la5
variant of 耷拉

搭理 搭理 da1 li5
variant of 答理

搭连 搭連 da1 lian2
to bridge over; colligation (linguistics)

搭连 搭連 da1 lian5
variant of 褡褳|褡裢

搭裢 搭褳 da1 lian5
variant of 褡褳|褡裢

搭配 搭配 da1 pei4
to pair up; to match; to arrange in pairs; to add sth into a group

搭腔 搭腔 da1 qiang1
to answer; to respond; to converse

搭轻铁 搭輕鐵 da1 qing1 tie3
Hong Kong LRT

搭赸 搭赸 da1 shan4
variant of 搭訕|搭讪

搭讪 搭訕 da1 shan4
to hit on someone; to strike up a conversation; to start talking to end an awkward silence or embarrassing situation

搭铁 搭鐵 da1 tie3
abbr. for 搭鐵接線|搭铁接线; chassis grounding (i.e. using the chassis as ground, to serve as a return path for current in an electric circuit)

搭腰 搭腰 da1 yao1
harness pad (on draught animal)

搭载 搭載 da1 zai4
to transport (people, a payload etc)

搭桌 搭桌 da1 zhuo1
charity performance (theater in former times)

搭嘴 搭嘴 da1 zui3
to answer

搭坐 搭坐 da1 zuo4
to travel by; to ride on

勾搭 勾搭 gou1 da5
to gang up; to fool around with; to make up to

勾肩搭背 勾肩搭背 gou1 jian1 da1 bei4
arms around each other's shoulders (idiom)

勾三搭四 勾三搭四 gou1 san1 da1 si4
to make hanky-panky; to seduce women

挂搭 掛搭 gua4 da1
variant of 掛褡|挂褡

花花搭搭 花花搭搭 hua1 hua5 da1 da1
mixed; uneven in texture

混搭 混搭 hun4 da1
to mix and match (of clothing etc)

竞选搭档 競選搭檔 jing4 xuan3 da1 dang4
election partner; running mate

懒得搭理 懶得搭理 lan3 de5 da1 li3
not wishing to acknowledge sb; unwilling to respond

免费搭车 免費搭車 mian3 fei4 da1 che1
free riding (economics)

尼龙搭扣 尼龍搭釦 ni2 long2 da1 kou4
nylon buckle; velcro

千里搭长棚,没有不散的宴席 千里搭長棚,沒有不散的宴席 qian1 li3 da1 chang2 peng2 - mei2 you3 bu4 san4 de5 yan4 xi2
even if you build a thousand-league awning for it, every banquet must come to an end (idiom)

手搭凉棚 手搭涼棚 shou3 da1 liang2 peng2
to shade one's eyes with one's hand

外搭程式 外搭程式 wai4 da1 cheng2 shi4
add-on software (Tw)

心脏搭桥手术 心臟搭橋手術 xin1 zang4 da1 qiao2 shou3 shu4
coronary bypass operation

有一搭没一搭 有一搭沒一搭 you3 yi1 da1 mei2 yi1 da1
unimportant; perfunctory; indifferent; (of conversation) idly

有一搭无一搭 有一搭無一搭 you3 yi1 da1 wu2 yi1 da1
see 有一搭沒一搭|有一搭没一搭