to fight over; to rush; to scramble; to grab; to rob; to snatch

see 搶風|抢风

strokes 13
strokes after radical 10
持枪抢劫 持槍搶劫 chi2 qiang1 qiang1 jie2
armed robbery

哄抢 哄搶 hong1 qiang3

拼抢 拼搶 pin1 qiang3
to fight desperately (at the risk of one's life)

抢风 搶風 qiang1 feng1
a headwind; a contrary wind

抢风航行 搶風航行 qiang1 feng1 hang2 xing2
to tack against the wind (sailing)

抢劫罪 搶劫罪 qiang1 jie2 zui4

抢白 搶白 qiang3 bai2
to rebuke; to reprimand

抢答 搶答 qiang3 da2
to compete to be the first to answer a question (as on a quiz show)

抢答器 搶答器 qiang3 da2 qi4
lockout buzzer system (as used by game show contestants)

抢夺 搶奪 qiang3 duo2
to plunder; to pillage; to forcibly take

抢风头 搶風頭 qiang3 feng1 tou2
to steal the show; to grab the limelight

抢购 搶購 qiang3 gou4
to buy frenetically; to snap up (bargains, dwindling supplies etc)

抢婚 搶婚 qiang3 hun1
marriage by capture; bride kidnapping

抢劫 搶劫 qiang3 jie2
to rob; looting

抢劫案 搶劫案 qiang3 jie2 an4
robbery; holdup

抢镜头 搶鏡頭 qiang3 jing4 tou2
to scoop the best camera shots; to grab the limelight

抢救 搶救 qiang3 jiu4
to rescue

抢掠 搶掠 qiang3 lve4
to loot; looting

抢跑 搶跑 qiang3 pao3
to jump the gun; to make a false start

抢亲 搶親 qiang3 qin1
marriage by capture; bride kidnapping

抢生意 搶生意 qiang3 sheng1 yi5
to undercut competitors; to hustle; to compete for business

抢手 搶手 qiang3 shou3
(of goods) popular; in great demand

抢手货 搶手貨 qiang3 shou3 huo4
a best-seller; a hot property

抢滩 搶灘 qiang3 tan1
to make an amphibious assault; to seize a beachhead; to gain a foothold in (a new market)

抢通 搶通 qiang3 tong1
to rush through urgently (e.g. emergency supplies)

抢先 搶先 qiang3 xian1
to rush (to do sth urgent); to try to be the first; to forestall

抢险 搶險 qiang3 xian3
emergency (measures); to react to an emergency

抢险救灾 搶險救災 qiang3 xian3 jiu4 zai1
to provide relief during times of emergency and disaster (idiom)

抢修 搶修 qiang3 xiu1
to repair in a rush; rush repairs

抢眼 搶眼 qiang3 yan3

抢占 搶佔 qiang3 zhan4
to seize (the strategic high ground)

抢走 搶走 qiang3 zou3
to snatch (esp related to a robbery)

域名抢注 域名搶注 yu4 ming2 qiang3 zhu4
cybersquatting; domain squatting

争抢 爭搶 zheng1 qiang3
to fight over; to scramble for