to tear

strokes 15
strokes after radical 12
撕逼 撕逼 si1 bi1
(slang) (lit.) to tear cunt; (fig.) (of females) to have a catfight; to have a bitch fight

撕扯 撕扯 si1 che3
to tear apart

撕掉 撕掉 si1 diao4
to tear out (and throw away); to rip away

撕毁 撕毀 si1 hui3
to tear up; to rip up; too shred

撕烂 撕爛 si1 lan4
to tear up; to tear to pieces

撕裂 撕裂 si1 lie4
to rip apart; to tear; laceration; rent

撕票 撕票 si1 piao4
lit. to tear the ticket; to kill a hostage (usually held for ransom)

撕破 撕破 si1 po4
to tear; to rip

撕破脸 撕破臉 si1 po4 lian3
to have an acrimonious falling-out; to shed all pretense of cordiality; to tear into each other

撕破脸皮 撕破臉皮 si1 po4 lian3 pi2
see 撕破臉|撕破脸

撕碎 撕碎 si1 sui4
to tear to shreds

撕咬 撕咬 si1 yao3
to tear at (with the teeth, like one animal attacking another)