to remove; to take away; to withdraw

strokes 15
strokes after radical 12
不可撤销信用证 不可撤銷信用證 bu4 ke3 che4 xiao1 xin4 yong4 zheng4
irrevocable letter of credit

裁撤 裁撤 cai2 che4
to dissolve an organisation

撤兵 撤兵 che4 bing1
to withdraw troops; to retreat

撤并 撤併 che4 bing4
to consolidate; to merge

撤出 撤出 che4 chu1
to withdraw; to leave; to retreat; to pull out

撤除 撤除 che4 chu2
to remove; to dismantle

撤掉 撤掉 che4 diao4
to cut; to throw out; to depose (from office); to tear off

撤换 撤換 che4 huan4
to dismiss and replace (sb); to replace (sb or sth)

撤回 撤回 che4 hui2
to recall; to revoke; to retract

撤军 撤軍 che4 jun1
to withdraw troops; to retreat

撤款 撤款 che4 kuan3
to withdraw money

撤离 撤離 che4 li2
to withdraw from; to evacuate

撤侨 撤僑 che4 qiao2
to evacuate (e.g. foreign civilians from a war zone)

撤诉 撤訴 che4 su4
to drop a lawsuit

撤退 撤退 che4 tui4
to retreat

撤下 撤下 che4 xia4
to withdraw; to remove (from a place); to remove from office

撤销 撤銷 che4 xiao1
to repeal; to revoke; (computing) to undo

撤消 撤消 che4 xiao1
variant of 撤銷|撤销

撤营 撤營 che4 ying2
to withdraw troops

撤职 撤職 che4 zhi2
to eliminate; to sack; to remove from office

撤走 撤走 che4 zou3
to retire; to remove; to withdraw; to evacuate

后撤 後撤 hou4 che4
to pull back (an army); to retreat