beat; to grind

to beat (a drum)

strokes 16
strokes after radical 13
吹擂 吹擂 chui1 lei2
to talk big; to boast

打擂台 打擂臺 da3 lei4 tai2
(old) to fight on the leitai; (fig.) to enter a contest

大吹大擂 大吹大擂 da4 chui1 da4 lei2
to make an exhibition of oneself; ostentation

擂鼓鸣金 擂鼓鳴金 lei2 gu3 ming2 jin1
to beat the drum and sound the gong (idiom); fig. to order an advance or retreat; to egg people on or to call them back

擂台 擂臺 lei4 tai2
elevated stage on which martial competitions or duels were held; arena; ring

擂台赛 擂臺賽 lei4 tai2 sai4
single-elimination open tournament (the winner stays on until he is himself defeated)

自吹自擂 自吹自擂 zi4 chui1 zi4 lei2
to blow one's own trumpet (idiom)