to resist; to obstruct; to hinder; to keep off; to block (a blow); to get in the way of; cover; gear (e.g. in a car's transmission)

to arrange; to put in order

strokes 16
strokes after radical 13
N挡 N擋 - dang3
neutral (gear)

P挡 P擋 - dang3
park (gear); program mode (on a digital camera)

兵来将挡,水来土掩 兵來將擋,水來土掩 bing1 lai2 jiang4 dang3 - shui3 lai2 tu3 yan3
counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir (idiom); different situations call for different action; to adopt measures appropriate to the actual situation

摒挡 摒擋 bing4 dang4
to put in order; to arrange (literary); cuisine

搭挡 搭擋 da1 dang4
variant of 搭檔|搭档

挡拆 擋拆 dang3 chai1
pick and roll (basketball); screen and roll

挡风玻璃 擋風玻璃 dang3 feng1 bo1 li5
windshield; wind screen

挡风墙 擋風牆 dang3 feng1 qiang2
lit. windbreak; fig. protector

挡箭牌 擋箭牌 dang3 jian4 pai2
shield; (fig.) excuse

挡郎 擋郎 dang3 lang2
(slang) to ask for money; to lend money

挡锒 擋鋃 dang3 lang2
(slang) to ask for money; to lend money

挡琅 擋瑯 dang3 lang2
(slang) to ask for money; to lend money

挡路 擋路 dang3 lu4
blocking the way

挡泥板 擋泥板 dang3 ni2 ban3

挡位 擋位 dang3 wei4
(in a manual car) gear (i.e. reverse, neutral, 1st, 2nd etc); (automatic car) transmission mode (P, R, N, D etc); (electric fan etc) speed setting

挡雨 擋雨 dang3 yu3
to protect from the rain

挡住 擋住 dang3 zhu4
to obstruct

倒车挡 倒車擋 dao4 che1 dang3
reverse gear

低速挡 低速擋 di1 su4 dang3
low gear; bottom gear

抵挡 抵擋 di3 dang3
to resist; to hold back; to stop; to ward off; to withstand

顶挡 頂擋 ding3 dang3
to resist; to obstruct; to bear responsibility for

放空挡 放空擋 fang4 kong1 dang3
to coast along in neutral gear (in a car); (coll.) to go commando

风挡 風擋 feng1 dang3

高速挡 高速擋 gao1 su4 dang3
top gear; high gear

挂挡 掛擋 gua4 dang3
to put into gear; to engage the gear; gear change

挂空挡 掛空擋 gua4 kong1 dang3
see 放空擋|放空挡

后挡板 後擋板 hou4 dang3 ban3

换挡 換擋 huan4 dang3
to change gear

换挡杆 換擋桿 huan4 dang3 gan3
gear lever

空挡 空擋 kong1 dang3
neutral gear

门挡 門擋 men2 dang3

排挡 排擋 pai2 dang3
gear (of car etc)

排挡速率 排擋速率 pai2 dang3 su4 lv4
gear; gear speed

势不可挡 勢不可擋 shi4 bu4 ke3 dang3
see 勢不可當|势不可当

手动挡 手動擋 shou3 dong4 dang3
manual gear change; shift stick

摊挡 攤擋 tan1 dang3
see 攤檔|摊档

调挡 調擋 tiao2 dang3
gear shift

跳挡 跳擋 tiao4 dang3
(of a car) to slip out of gear; to pop out of gear

头挡 頭擋 tou2 dang3
first gear

行进挡 行進擋 xing2 jin4 dang3
forward gear

遮挡 遮擋 zhe1 dang3
to shelter; to shelter from

自动挡 自動擋 zi4 dong4 dang3
automatic transmission; auto gear shift

自动挂挡 自動掛擋 zi4 dong4 gua4 dang3
automatic gear change

阻挡 阻擋 zu3 dang3
to stop; to resist; to obstruct