old variant of 操

to grasp; to hold; to operate; to manage; to control; to steer; to exercise; to drill (practice); to play; to speak (a language)

variant of 肏

strokes 16
strokes after radical 13
暗箱操作 暗箱操作 an4 xiang1 cao1 zuo4
covert activities (election rigging etc); under-the-table manipulations; black operations

柏节松操 柏節松操 bai3 jie2 song1 cao1
chaste widowhood

保健操 保健操 bao3 jian4 cao1
health exercises

步操 步操 bu4 cao1
foot drill (military, physical exercises etc)

操办 操辦 cao1 ban4
to arrange matters

操场 操場 cao1 chang3
playground; sports field; drill ground

操持 操持 cao1 chi5
to manage; to handle

操刀手 操刀手 cao1 dao1 shou3
person charged with decisive action; hatchet man

操典 操典 cao1 dian3
drill book

操舵 操舵 cao1 duo4
to steer (a vessel); to hold the rudder; at the helm

操舵室 操舵室 cao1 duo4 shi4

操法 操法 cao1 fa3
drill rules

操斧伐柯 操斧伐柯 cao1 fu3 fa2 ke1
(cf Book of Songs) How to fashion an ax handle? You need an ax; fig. to follow a principle; fig. to act as matchmaker

操觚 操觚 cao1 gu1
to write; to compose

操航 操航 cao1 hang2
to take the helm; to steer (a ship)

操课 操課 cao1 ke4
military drill

操控 操控 cao1 kong4
to control; to manipulate

操劳 操勞 cao1 lao2
to work hard; to look after

操练 操練 cao1 lian4
drill; practice

操盘手 操盤手 cao1 pan2 shou3
trader or dealer (of stocks and shares etc)

操坪 操坪 cao1 ping2
drill ground

操切 操切 cao1 qie4
rash; hasty

操神 操神 cao1 shen2
to worry about; to look after; to take care of

操守 操守 cao1 shou3
personal integrity

操心 操心 cao1 xin1
to worry about

操行 操行 cao1 xing2
(student's) behavior

操演 操演 cao1 yan3
drill; exercise; demonstration; to demonstrate

操之过急 操之過急 cao1 zhi1 guo4 ji2
to act with undue haste (idiom); eager and impatient; overhasty

操舟 操舟 cao1 zhou1
to steer a boat

操纵 操縱 cao1 zong4
to operate; to control; to rig; to manipulate

操纵杆 操縱桿 cao1 zong4 gan3
joystick; control lever

操纵自如 操縱自如 cao1 zong4 zi4 ru2
to operate (a machine etc) with ease

操作 操作 cao1 zuo4
to work; to operate; to manipulate

操作规程 操作規程 cao1 zuo4 gui1 cheng2
operating rules; work regulations

操作环境 操作環境 cao1 zuo4 huan2 jing4
operating environment

操作速率 操作速率 cao1 zuo4 su4 lv4
operating speed

操作台 操作台 cao1 zuo4 tai2
operating desk; control panel; console

操作系统 操作系統 cao1 zuo4 xi4 tong3
operating system

操作员 操作員 cao1 zuo4 yuan2

操作者 操作者 cao1 zuo4 zhe3

曹操 曹操 cao2 cao1
Cao Cao (155-220), famous statesman and general at the end of Han, noted poet and calligrapher, later warlord, founder and first king of Cao Wei 曹魏, father of Emperor Cao Pi 曹丕; the main villain of novel the Romance of Three Kingdoms 三國演義|三国演义

操逼 操逼 cao4 bi1
variant of 肏屄

操屄 操屄 cao4 bi1
variant of 肏屄

操蛋 操蛋 cao4 dan4
variant of 肏蛋

操你妈 操你媽 cao4 ni3 ma1
see 肏你媽|肏你妈

重操旧业 重操舊業 chong2 cao1 jiu4 ye4
to resume one's old trade (idiom)

出操 出操 chu1 cao1
to drill; to exercise; to go outdoors for physical exercise

国际体操联合会 國際體操聯合會 guo2 ji4 ti3 cao1 lian2 he2 hui4
Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique

黑箱操作 黑箱操作 hei1 xiang1 cao1 zuo4
see 暗箱操作

互操性 互操性 hu4 cao1 xing4

健美操 健美操 jian4 mei3 cao1
aerobics; aerobic dance (school P.E. activity)

洁操 潔操 jie2 cao1
unimpeachable conduct; noble behavior; spotless personal integrity

节操 節操 jie2 cao1
integrity; moral principle

可操作的艺术 可操作的藝術 ke3 cao1 zuo4 de5 yi4 shu4
the art of the possible (Bismarck on politics)

课间操 課間操 ke4 jian1 cao1
setting-up exercises during the break (between classes)

幕后操纵 幕後操縱 mu4 hou4 cao1 zong4
to manipulate from behind the scenes; to pull the strings

劈情操 劈情操 pi1 qing2 cao1
to have a friendly chat (Shanghai)

情操 情操 qing2 cao1
sentiments; feelings; disposition of mind; moral character

率尔操觚 率爾操觚 shuai4 er3 cao1 gu1
to compose in off-hand way (idiom); to dash off

说曹操,曹操到 說曹操,曹操到 shuo1 cao2 cao1 - cao2 cao1 dao4
see 說曹操曹操就到|说曹操曹操就到

说曹操曹操就到 說曹操曹操就到 shuo1 cao2 cao1 cao2 cao1 jiu4 dao4
lit. speak of Cao Cao and Cao Cao arrives; fig. speak of the devil and he doth appear

陶冶情操 陶冶情操 tao2 ye3 qing2 cao1
to cultivate one's mind; to build character

体操 體操 ti3 cao1
gymnastic; gymnastics

体操队 體操隊 ti3 cao1 dui4
gymnastics team

体操运动员 體操運動員 ti3 cao1 yun4 dong4 yuan2

同室操戈 同室操戈 tong2 shi4 cao1 ge1
wielding the halberd within the household (idiom); internecine strife

网络操作系统 網絡操作系統 wang3 luo4 cao1 zuo4 xi4 tong3
network operating system

稳操胜券 穩操勝券 wen3 cao1 sheng4 quan4
grasp it and victory is assured; to have success within one's grasp (idiom)

稳操胜算 穩操勝算 wen3 cao1 sheng4 suan4
to be assured of success

遥控操作 遙控操作 yao2 kong4 cao1 zuo4
remote operation

艺术体操 藝術體操 yi4 shu4 ti3 cao1
rhythmic gymnastics

有氧操 有氧操 you3 yang3 cao1

有氧健身操 有氧健身操 you3 yang3 jian4 shen1 cao1

早操 早操 zao3 cao1
morning exercises (physical exercises commonly performed en masse at schools and workplaces in East Asian countries)

贞操 貞操 zhen1 cao1
(usually of women) chastity; virginity; virtue; honor; loyalty; moral integrity

贞操带 貞操帶 zhen1 cao1 dai4
chastity belt

自由体操 自由體操 zi4 you2 ti3 cao1
floor (gymnastics)

做操 做操 zuo4 cao1
to do exercises; to do gymnastics