to capture

strokes 15
strokes after radical 13
就擒 就擒 jiu4 qin2
to be taken prisoner

擒获 擒獲 qin2 huo4
to apprehend; to capture; to seize

擒人节 擒人節 qin2 ren2 jie2
(jocularly) Valentine's Day, referring to the rising number of extramarrital affairs being discovered on that day

擒贼擒王 擒賊擒王 qin2 zei2 qin2 wang2
to defeat the enemy by capturing their chief (idiom)

生擒 生擒 sheng1 qin2
to capture alive

手到擒来 手到擒來 shou3 dao4 qin2 lai2
stretch a hand and grab it (idiom); very easy

束手就擒 束手就擒 shu4 shou3 jiu4 qin2
hands tied and waiting to be captured

欲擒故纵 欲擒故縱 yu4 qin2 gu4 zong4
In order to capture, one must let loose.; to loosen the reins only to grasp them better