to crowd in; to cram in; to force others aside; to press; to squeeze; to find (time in one's busy schedule)

strokes 17
strokes after radical 14
挨挤 挨擠 ai2 ji3
to crowd together; to jostle; squeezed

挤出 擠出 ji3 chu1
to squeeze out; to extrude; to drain; to find the time; to burst out

挤对 擠對 ji3 dui4
(coll.) to mock; to bully; to force (a concession out of sb)

挤兑 擠兌 ji3 dui4
a run on a bank

挤咕 擠咕 ji3 gu1
to wink at

挤过 擠過 ji3 guo4
to squeeze through; to force one's way through

挤花 擠花 ji3 hua1
(cookery) to decorate using a piping bag; to extrude something though a piping bag; piping

挤花袋 擠花袋 ji3 hua1 dai4
piping bag (cookery)

挤挤插插 擠擠插插 ji3 ji3 cha1 cha1
crowded tightly; jam-packed

挤紧 擠緊 ji3 jin3
to squeeze

挤进 擠進 ji3 jin4
to break into; to force one's way into; to barge into

挤垮 擠垮 ji3 kua3
to squash; to crush; to squeeze out of business; to drive out

挤来挤去 擠來擠去 ji3 lai2 ji3 qu4
to mill about; to jostle

挤落 擠落 ji3 luo4
(coll.) to push aside

挤满 擠滿 ji3 man3
crowded to bursting point; filled to overflowing; jam-packed

挤眉弄眼 擠眉弄眼 ji3 mei2 nong4 yan3
to make eyes; to wink

挤奶 擠奶 ji3 nai3
to milk

挤入 擠入 ji3 ru4
to squeeze in; to force oneself into; to cram into; to intrude

挤上去 擠上去 ji3 shang4 qu5
to squeeze oneself up into (a crowded vehicle etc)

挤踏 擠踏 ji3 ta4

挤提 擠提 ji3 ti2
bank run; to crowd into a bank and withdraw all one's money

挤压 擠壓 ji3 ya1
to squeeze; to press; to extrude

挤压出 擠壓出 ji3 ya1 chu1
to extrude

挤牙膏 擠牙膏 ji3 ya2 gao1
lit. to squeeze out toothpaste; fig. to extract a confession under pressure

挤轧 擠軋 ji3 ya4
to bump and shove

挤眼 擠眼 ji3 yan3
to wink

挤占 擠占 ji3 zhan4
to seize; to push aside and occupy

交通拥挤 交通擁擠 jiao1 tong1 yong1 ji3
traffic congestion

紧挤 緊擠 jin3 ji3
to pinch; to squeeze tightly

排挤 排擠 pai2 ji3
to crowd out; to push aside; to supplant

压挤 壓擠 ya1 ji3
to squeeze out; to extrude

以小挤大 以小擠大 yi3 xiao3 ji3 da4
minor projects eclipse major ones (idiom)

拥挤 擁擠 yong1 ji3
crowded; to throng; congestion

拥挤不堪 擁擠不堪 yong1 ji3 bu4 kan1
overcrowded; jam-packed