to wipe; to erase; rubbing (brush stroke in painting); to clean; to polish

strokes 17
strokes after radical 14
挨擦 挨擦 ai1 ca1
to press against; to nuzzle up to

板擦 板擦 ban3 ca1
blackboard eraser

板擦儿 板擦兒 ban3 ca1 er5
blackboard eraser

擦棒球 擦棒球 ca1 bang4 qiu2
foul tip

擦边球 擦邊球 ca1 bian1 qiu2
lit. to hit a ball or shuttlecock on the sideline; fig. to skirt the line legally or morally

擦擦笔 擦擦筆 ca1 ca1 bi3
erasable pen

擦掉 擦掉 ca1 diao4
to wipe

擦腚纸 擦腚紙 ca1 ding4 zhi3
toilet paper

擦干 擦乾 ca1 gan1
to wipe dry

擦黑儿 擦黑兒 ca1 hei1 er5
(dialect) dusk

擦肩而过 擦肩而過 ca1 jian1 er2 guo4
brief encounter; to brush past sb

擦亮 擦亮 ca1 liang4
to polish

擦亮眼睛 擦亮眼睛 ca1 liang4 yan3 jing1
to keep one's eyes open (idiom); to be on one's guard; to be clear-eyed

擦掠 擦掠 ca1 lve4
to brush against; to graze; to scratch

擦抹 擦抹 ca1 mo3
to wipe

擦屁股 擦屁股 ca1 pi4 gu5
(lit.) to wipe one’s ass; (coll.) to clear up sb else's mess

擦枪走火 擦槍走火 ca1 qiang1 zou3 huo3
to shoot accidentally while polishing a gun; (fig.) a minor incident that sparks a war

擦伤 擦傷 ca1 shang1
to abrade; to scrape; to chafe; to graze; abrasion; friction burn; scratch

擦身而过 擦身而過 ca1 shen1 er2 guo4
to brush past

擦拭 擦拭 ca1 shi4
to wipe clean

擦碗布 擦碗布 ca1 wan3 bu4
dish cloth; tea towel

擦网球 擦網球 ca1 wang3 qiu2
net ball; let (tennis etc)

擦洗 擦洗 ca1 xi3
to clean (with water or alcohol); to wipe and wash; to swab; to scrub

擦鞋垫 擦鞋墊 ca1 xie2 dian4

擦写 擦寫 ca1 xie3
to erase

擦音 擦音 ca1 yin1

擦油 擦油 ca1 you2
to oil; to anoint

擦澡 擦澡 ca1 zao3
to rub oneself down with a wet towel; to take a sponge bath

擦子 擦子 ca1 zi5
eraser; (kitchen) grater; shredder

喉擦音 喉擦音 hou2 ca1 yin1
guttural fricative

揩擦 揩擦 kai1 ca1
to wipe

可擦写 可擦寫 ke3 ca1 xie3

可擦写可编程只读存储器 可擦寫可編程祇讀存儲器 ke3 ca1 xie3 ke3 bian1 cheng2 zhi1 du2 cun2 chu3 qi4
EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory)

摩擦 摩擦 mo2 ca1
friction; rubbing; chafing; fig. disharmony; conflict; also written 磨擦

磨擦 磨擦 mo2 ca1
variant of 摩擦

摩擦力 摩擦力 mo2 ca1 li4

摩擦音 摩擦音 mo2 ca1 yin1
fricative (phonetics)

摩拳擦掌 摩拳擦掌 mo2 quan2 ca1 zhang3
fig. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms (idiom); to roll up one's sleeves for battle; eager to get into action or start on a task

磨拳擦掌 磨拳擦掌 mo2 quan2 ca1 zhang3
variant of 摩拳擦掌

塞擦音 塞擦音 se4 ca1 yin1
affricate (phonetics)

橡皮擦 橡皮擦 xiang4 pi2 ca1
eraser; rubber

龈擦音 齦擦音 yin2 ca1 yin1
alveolar fricative (linguistics)