to place; to put aside; to shelve

to bear; to stand; to endure

strokes 17
strokes after radical 14
担搁 擔擱 dan1 ge5
variant of 耽擱|耽搁

耽搁 耽擱 dan1 ge5
to tarry; to delay; to stop over

搁板 擱板 ge1 ban3

搁笔 擱筆 ge1 bi3
to put down the pen; to stop writing

搁脚板 擱腳板 ge1 jiao3 ban3

搁脚物 擱腳物 ge1 jiao3 wu4

搁浅 擱淺 ge1 qian3
to be stranded (of ship); to run aground; fig. to run into difficulties and stop

搁置 擱置 ge1 zhi4
to shelve; to set aside

延搁 延擱 yan2 ge1
to delay; to procrastinate

暂搁 暫擱 zan4 ge1
temporarily stopped; in abeyance

中途搁浅 中途擱淺 zhong1 tu2 ge1 qian3
to run aground in mid-course; to run into difficulty and stop