strokes 17
strokes after radical 15
不扩散核武器条约 不擴散核武器條約 bu4 kuo4 san4 he2 wu3 qi4 tiao2 yue1
Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

彩扩 彩擴 cai3 kuo4
to enlarge color photos; color film processing

海底扩张 海底擴張 hai3 di3 kuo4 zhang1
seafloor spreading (geology)

海底扩张说 海底擴張說 hai3 di3 kuo4 zhang1 shuo1
theory of seafloor spreading (geology)

核不扩散 核不擴散 he2 bu4 kuo4 san4
nuclear nonproliferation

核扩散 核擴散 he2 kuo4 san4
nuclear proliferation

基因扩大 基因擴大 ji1 yin1 kuo4 da4
gene amplification

可扩展标记语言 可擴展標記語言 ke3 kuo4 zhan3 biao1 ji4 yu3 yan2
extensible markup language (XML)

扩版 擴版 kuo4 ban3
to increase the format of a publication

扩编 擴編 kuo4 bian1
to expand (esp. by new recruitment); to increase the army; to augment

扩充 擴充 kuo4 chong1
to expand

扩大 擴大 kuo4 da4
to expand; to enlarge; to broaden one's scope

扩大化 擴大化 kuo4 da4 hua4
to extend the scope; to exaggerate

扩大再生产 擴大再生產 kuo4 da4 zai4 sheng1 chan3
to expand production; to reproduce on an extended scale

扩及 擴及 kuo4 ji2
to extend to

扩建 擴建 kuo4 jian4
to extend a building

扩军 擴軍 kuo4 jun1
armament; to expand armed forces

扩孔 擴孔 kuo4 kong3
to widen a tube; to ream (i.e. widen a hole)

扩散 擴散 kuo4 san4
to spread; to proliferate; to diffuse; spread; proliferation; diffusion

扩散周知 擴散周知 kuo4 san4 zhou1 zhi1
to let everyone know; spread the word!

扩胸器 擴胸器 kuo4 xiong1 qi4
chest expander (gymnastic apparatus)

扩音 擴音 kuo4 yin1
to amplify (sound)

扩音机 擴音機 kuo4 yin1 ji1
amplifier; loudspeaker; hearing aid

扩音器 擴音器 kuo4 yin1 qi4
megaphone; loudspeaker; amplifier; microphone

扩印 擴印 kuo4 yin4
to enlarge (a photo); to print larger

扩增 擴增 kuo4 zeng1
to augment; to amplify; to extend; to expand

扩增实境 擴增實境 kuo4 zeng1 shi2 jing4
augmented reality (computing)

扩展 擴展 kuo4 zhan3
to extend; to expand; extension; expansion

扩展坞 擴展塢 kuo4 zhan3 wu4
docking station

扩张 擴張 kuo4 zhang1
expansion; dilation; to expand (e.g. one's power or influence); to broaden

气体扩散 氣體擴散 qi4 ti3 kuo4 san4
gaseous diffusion