to arrange; to exhibit; to move to and fro; a pendulum

strokes 18
strokes after radical 15
摆布 擺布 bai3 bu4
to arrange; to order about; to manipulate

摆出 擺出 bai3 chu1
to assume; to adopt (a look, pose, manner etc); to bring out for display

摆荡 擺蕩 bai3 dang4
to swing; to sway

摆地摊 擺地攤 bai3 di4 tan1
lit. to set up a stall on the ground; fig. to start up a new business

摆动 擺動 bai3 dong4
to sway; to swing; to move back and forth; to oscillate

摆渡 擺渡 bai3 du4

摆放 擺放 bai3 fang4
to set up; to arrange; to lay out

摆花架子 擺花架子 bai3 hua1 jia4 zi5
lit. to arrange a shelf of flowers; superficial display (idiom)

摆晃 擺晃 bai3 huang4
to swing; to sway

摆架子 擺架子 bai3 jia4 zi5
to put on airs; to assume great airs

摆阔 擺闊 bai3 kuo4
to parade one's wealth; to be ostentatious and extravagant

摆了一道 擺了一道 bai3 le5 yi1 dao4
to play tricks on; to make a fool of

摆龙门阵 擺龍門陣 bai3 long2 men2 zhen4
chat; gossip; spin a yarn

摆轮 擺輪 bai3 lun2
balance (of a watch or clock); balance wheel

摆卖 擺賣 bai3 mai4
hawking; street vending

摆满 擺滿 bai3 man3
to spread over an area

摆门面 擺門面 bai3 men2 mian4
to keep up appearances; to put up a front

摆明 擺明 bai3 ming2
to show clearly

摆弄 擺弄 bai3 nong4
to move back and forth; to fiddle with

摆平 擺平 bai3 ping2
to be fair; to be impartial; to settle (a matter etc)

摆谱 擺譜 bai3 pu3
to put on airs; to be ostentatious

摆谱儿 擺譜兒 bai3 pu3 er5
erhua variant of 擺譜|摆谱

摆设 擺設 bai3 she4
to arrange; to set out; to decorate; to display; decorative items

摆设儿 擺設兒 bai3 she5 er5
decorative items; ornaments

摆事实讲道理 擺事實講道理 bai3 shi4 shi2 jiang3 dao4 li3
present the facts and reason things out

摆手 擺手 bai3 shou3
to wave one's hand; to gesture with one's hand (beckoning, waving good-bye etc); to swing one's arms

摆摊 擺攤 bai3 tan1
to set up a vendor's stall in the street

摆摊子 擺攤子 bai3 tan1 zi5
to set up a stall; to maintain a large staff and organization

摆脱 擺脫 bai3 tuo1
to break away from; to cast off (old ideas etc); to get rid of; to break away (from); to break out (of); to free oneself from; to extricate oneself

摆脱危机 擺脫危機 bai3 tuo1 wei1 ji1
to break out of a crisis

摆乌龙 擺烏龍 bai3 wu1 long2
to mess something up; to screw up

摆线 擺線 bai3 xian4

摆样子 擺樣子 bai3 yang4 zi5
to do sth for show; to keep up appearances

摆造型 擺造型 bai3 zao4 xing2
to pose (for a picture)

摆钟 擺鐘 bai3 zhong1
pendulum clock

摆子 擺子 bai3 zi3

大摇大摆 大搖大擺 da4 yao2 da4 bai3
to strut; swaggering

单摆 單擺 dan1 bai3
simple pendulum (physics)

傅科摆 傅科擺 fu4 ke1 bai3
Foucault's pendulum

明摆着 明擺著 ming2 bai3 zhe5
evident; clear; undoubted

扭摆 扭擺 niu3 bai3
to twist and sway (one's body)

平摆 平擺 ping2 bai3
yawing (of a boat)

铺摆 鋪擺 pu1 bai3
to display (goods); to dispose of

前摆 前擺 qian2 bai3
last time

双摆 雙擺 shuang1 bai3
double pendulum (math.)

停摆 停擺 ting2 bai3
(of a pendulum) to stop swinging; (of work, production, activities etc) to come to a halt; to be suspended; to be canceled; shutdown; (sports) lockout

下摆 下擺 xia4 bai3
hem of a skirt; shirt tail

显摆 顯擺 xian3 bai5
(coll.) to show off

摇摆 搖擺 yao2 bai3
to sway; to wobble; to waver

摇摆不定 搖擺不定 yao2 bai3 bu4 ding4
indecisive; wavering

摇摆舞 搖擺舞 yao2 bai3 wu3
swing (dance)

摇摆州 搖擺州 yao2 bai3 zhou1
swing state (US politics)

摇头摆尾 搖頭擺尾 yao2 tou2 bai3 wei3
to nod one's head and wag one's tail (idiom); to be well pleased with oneself; to have a lighthearted air

摇摇摆摆 搖搖擺擺 yao2 yao2 bai3 bai3
swaggering; staggering; waddling

正经八摆 正經八擺 zheng4 jing1 ba1 bai3
variant of 正經八百|正经八百

钟摆 鐘擺 zhong1 bai3