to disturb

strokes 18
strokes after radical 15
兵戈扰攘 兵戈擾攘 bing1 ge1 rao3 rang3
arms and confusion (idiom); turmoil of war

不胜其扰 不勝其擾 bu4 sheng4 qi2 rao3
unable to put up with (sth) any longer

缠扰 纏擾 chan2 rao3
to harass; to disturb

窜扰 竄擾 cuan4 rao3
to invade and harass

打扰 打擾 da3 rao3
to disturb; to bother; to trouble

电磁干扰 電磁干擾 dian4 ci2 gan1 rao3
electromagnetic interference

烦扰 煩擾 fan2 rao3
to bother; to disturb; to vex

非诚勿扰 非誠勿擾 fei1 cheng2 wu4 rao3
serious inquiries only

非微扰 非微擾 fei1 wei1 rao3
non-perturbative (physics)

纷扰 紛擾 fen1 rao3
turmoil; unrest; disturbance

干扰 干擾 gan1 rao3
to disturb; to interfere; perturbation; interference (physics)

干扰素 干擾素 gan1 rao3 su4

搅扰 攪擾 jiao3 rao3
to disturb; to annoy

惊扰 驚擾 jing1 rao3
to alarm; to agitate

困扰 困擾 kun4 rao3
to perplex; to disturb; to cause complications

侵扰 侵擾 qin1 rao3
to invade and harass

请勿打扰 請勿打擾 qing3 wu4 da3 rao3
please do not disturb

扰动 擾動 rao3 dong4
to disturb; to stir up; disturbance; agitation; turmoil

扰流板 擾流板 rao3 liu2 ban3
spoiler (automotive or aeronautical)

扰乱 擾亂 rao3 luan4
to disturb; to perturb; to harass

扰攘 擾攘 rao3 rang3
bustling; to create trouble; to disturb

骚扰 騷擾 sao1 rao3
to disturb; to cause a commotion; to harass

搔扰 搔擾 sao1 rao3
to disturb; to harass

骚扰客蚤 騷擾客蚤 sao1 rao3 ke4 zao3
Xenopsylla vexabilis

射频干扰 射頻干擾 she4 pin2 gan1 rao3
radio interference; RF interference

使困扰 使困擾 shi3 kun4 rao3
to harass

讨扰 討擾 tao3 rao3
I beg to disturb you; I trespass on your hospitality; Thank you for your hospitality!

徒自惊扰 徒自驚擾 tu2 zi4 jing1 rao3
to alarm oneself unnecessarily (idiom)

微扰 微擾 wei1 rao3
infinitesimal disturbance; perturbation (physics)

微扰论 微擾論 wei1 rao3 lun4
perturbation theory

微扰展开 微擾展開 wei1 rao3 zhan3 kai1
perturbative expansion (physics)

性骚扰 性騷擾 xing4 sao1 rao3
sexual harassment

喧扰 喧擾 xuan1 rao3
to disturb by noise

驯扰 馴擾 xun4 rao3
to tame

庸人自扰 庸人自擾 yong1 ren2 zi4 rao3
lit. silly people get their panties in a bunch (idiom); fig. to get upset over nothing; to make problems for oneself

滋扰 滋擾 zi1 rao3
to cause trouble; to provoke a dispute

自相惊扰 自相驚擾 zi4 xiang1 jing1 rao3
to frighten one another

阻扰 阻擾 zu3 rao3
to obstruct; to impede