to block sb's path; to obstruct; to flag down (a taxi)

strokes 20
strokes after radical 17
口无遮拦 口無遮攔 kou3 wu2 zhe1 lan2
to blab; to shoot one's mouth off; to commit a gaffe

拦车 攔車 lan2 che1
to thumb a lift; to hitchhike

拦柜 攔櫃 lan2 gui4
sales counter; inquiry desk

拦河坝 攔河壩 lan2 he2 ba4
a dam across a river

拦检 攔檢 lan2 jian3
(of police etc) to stop (sb) for inspection; to pull (sb) over

拦劫 攔劫 lan2 jie2
to mug; to intercept and rob

拦截 攔截 lan2 jie2
to intercept

拦路 攔路 lan2 lu4
to block sb's path; to waylay

拦路虎 攔路虎 lan2 lu4 hu3
stumbling block

拦网 攔網 lan2 wang3
to intercept at the net (volleyball, tennis etc); to block

拦腰 攔腰 lan2 yao1
(hitting) squarely in the middle; (slicing) across the middle; to hold by the waist

拦住 攔住 lan2 zhu4
to stop; to bar the way

拦阻 攔阻 lan2 zu3
to block; to obstruct

阻拦 阻攔 zu3 lan2
to stop; to obstruct