to push up one's sleeves; to reject or resist; to seize; to perturb; to steal

strokes 20
strokes after radical 17
兵戈扰攘 兵戈擾攘 bing1 ge1 rao3 rang3
arms and confusion (idiom); turmoil of war

咕攘 咕攘 gu1 rang5
to wriggle about; to move around

寇攘 寇攘 kou4 rang3
to rob and steal

乱咕攘 亂咕攘 luan4 gu1 rang5
to disturb (dialect)

闹闹攘攘 鬧鬧攘攘 nao4 nao4 rang3 rang3
to create an uproar

攘臂 攘臂 rang3 bi4
to bare one's arms (in agitation)

攘辟 攘辟 rang3 bi4
to stand off; to make way

攘场 攘場 rang3 chang2
to spread harvested grain over an area

攘除 攘除 rang3 chu2
to get rid of; to weed out; to reject

攘夺 攘奪 rang3 duo2
to seize

攘诟 攘詬 rang3 gou4
to clear oneself of dishonor

攘袂 攘袂 rang3 mei4
to rise to action with a determined shake of the arms

攘窃 攘竊 rang3 qie4
to usurp; to steal

攘攘 攘攘 rang3 rang3
disorderly; confused; chaotic

攘善 攘善 rang3 shan4
to claim credit due to others; to appropriate other's credit or honor

攘外 攘外 rang3 wai4
to resist foreign aggression

攘外安内 攘外安內 rang3 wai4 an1 nei4
to resist foreign aggression and pacify the interior of the country (idiom)

攘袖 攘袖 rang3 xiu4
to roll up the sleeves

攘羊 攘羊 rang3 yang2
to take home sb else's stray sheep

攘夷 攘夷 rang3 yi2
to repel the barbarians

攘灾 攘災 rang3 zai1
to ward off calamities; to avoid disaster

扰攘 擾攘 rao3 rang3
bustling; to create trouble; to disturb

枉攘 枉攘 wang3 rang3
tumultuous; disorderly

熙来攘往 熙來攘往 xi1 lai2 rang3 wang3
a place buzzing with activity (idiom)

熙攘 熙攘 xi1 rang3

熙熙攘攘 熙熙攘攘 xi1 xi1 rang3 rang3
bustling with activity (idiom)