twisted; bent; crooked; cramped

strokes 23
strokes after radical 19
痉挛 痙攣 jing4 luan2
to jerk; to contort; spasm; convulsion

拘挛 拘攣 ju1 luan2
cramps; muscular spasm; fig. constrained; ill at ease

拘挛儿 拘攣兒 ju1 luan2 er5
erhua variant of 拘攣|拘挛

气管痉挛 氣管痙攣 qi4 guan3 jing4 luan2
breathing convulsions (as in asthma); tracheospasm

热痉挛 熱痙攣 re4 jing4 luan2
heat cramps

痛性痉挛 痛性痙攣 tong4 xing4 jing4 luan2
(muscle) cramp