to spread out; vendor's stand

strokes 22
strokes after radical 19
摆地摊 擺地攤 bai3 di4 tan1
lit. to set up a stall on the ground; fig. to start up a new business

摆摊 擺攤 bai3 tan1
to set up a vendor's stall in the street

摆摊子 擺攤子 bai3 tan1 zi5
to set up a stall; to maintain a large staff and organization

报刊摊 報刊攤 bao4 kan1 tan1

报摊 報攤 bao4 tan1

地摊 地攤 di4 tan1
street stall with goods laid out on the ground

分摊 分攤 fen1 tan1
to share (costs, responsibilities); to apportion

货摊 貨攤 huo4 tan1
vendor's stall

均摊 均攤 jun1 tan1
to share equally; to distribute evenly

烂摊子 爛攤子 lan4 tan1 zi5
terrible mess; shambles

撂地摊 撂地攤 liao4 di4 tan1
see 撂地

平摊 平攤 ping2 tan1
to spread out; (fig.) to share equally

铺摊 鋪攤 pu1 tan5
to spread out; to display; to lay out a vendor's stall

散摊子 散攤子 san4 tan1 zi5
to break up; to disband

设摊 設攤 she4 tan1
to set up a vendor's stand

食品摊 食品攤 shi2 pin3 tan1
street vendor's stall

摊薄 攤薄 tan1 bo2

摊薄后每股盈利 攤薄後每股盈利 tan1 bo2 hou4 mei3 gu3 ying2 li4
diluted earnings per share

摊挡 攤擋 tan1 dang3
see 攤檔|摊档

摊档 攤檔 tan1 dang4
(dialect) vendor's stall

摊点 攤點 tan1 dian3
place for a vendor's stall

摊儿 攤兒 tan1 er5
erhua variant of 攤|摊

摊贩 攤販 tan1 fan4
stall-keeper; peddler

摊黄菜 攤黃菜 tan1 huang2 cai4
(dialect) scrambled eggs

摊鸡蛋 攤雞蛋 tan1 ji1 dan4
scrambled eggs

摊开 攤開 tan1 kai1
to spread out; to unfold

摊牌 攤牌 tan1 pai2
to lay one's cards on the table

摊派 攤派 tan1 pai4
to distribute proportionately; to share out

摊钱 攤錢 tan1 qian2
to bear part of the cost

摊晒 攤曬 tan1 shai4
to lay sth out to dry

摊商 攤商 tan1 shang1
stall-keeper; street peddler

摊事儿 攤事兒 tan1 shi4 er5
(coll.) to get into trouble

摊售 攤售 tan1 shou4
to set up stall

摊提 攤提 tan1 ti2
to amortize; amortization

摊头 攤頭 tan1 tou2
a vendor's stall

摊位 攤位 tan1 wei4
vendor's booth

摊销 攤銷 tan1 xiao1
to amortize; amortization

摊子 攤子 tan1 zi5
booth; vendor's stall; organizational structure; scale of operations

小摊 小攤 xiao3 tan1
vendor's stall

小摊儿 小攤兒 xiao3 tan1 er5
erhua variant of 小攤|小摊

杂货摊 雜貨攤 za2 huo4 tan1
stall selling various goods