imperial decree; purport; aim; purpose

strokes 6
strokes after radical 2
传旨 傳旨 chuan2 zhi3
issue a decree

奉旨 奉旨 feng4 zhi3
on imperial orders

宏旨 宏旨 hong2 zhi3
gist; main idea

弘旨 弘旨 hong2 zhi3
variant of 宏旨

降旨 降旨 jiang4 zhi3
to issue an imperial edict

圣旨 聖旨 sheng4 zhi3
imperial edict

题旨 題旨 ti2 zhi3
subject of literary work

言近旨远 言近旨遠 yan2 jin4 zhi3 yuan3
simple words with a profound meaning (idiom)

要旨 要旨 yao4 zhi3
the gist (of a text or argument); the main points

懿旨 懿旨 yi4 zhi3
an imperial decree

谕旨 諭旨 yu4 zhi3
imperial edict

诏旨 詔旨 zhao4 zhi3
an Imperial edict

旨趣 旨趣 zhi3 qu4
purport; intent

旨意 旨意 zhi3 yi4
decree; order

旨在 旨在 zhi3 zai4
to have as its purpose; to be intended to; to aim to (do sth)

主旨 主旨 zhu3 zhi3
gist; main idea; general tenor; one's judgment

主旨演讲 主旨演講 zhu3 zhi3 yan3 jiang3
keynote speech

宗旨 宗旨 zong1 zhi3
objective; aim; goal

遵旨 遵旨 zun1 zhi3
to obey the Emperor's decree; at your Imperial majesty's command