early; morning; Good morning!; long ago; prematurely

strokes 6
strokes after radical 2
趁早 趁早 chen4 zao3
as soon as possible; at the first opportunity; the sooner the better; before it's too late

趁早儿 趁早兒 chen4 zao3 er5
erhua variant of 趁早

迟早 遲早 chi2 zao3
sooner or later

出来混迟早要还的 出來混遲早要還的 chu1 lai2 hun4 chi2 zao3 yao4 huan2 de5
if you live a life of crime, sooner or later you'll pay for it

打早 打早 da3 zao3
earlier; long ago; as soon as possible

大清早 大清早 da4 qing1 zao3
early in the morning

多早晚 多早晚 duo1 zao3 wan3

赶早 趕早 gan3 zao3
as soon as possible; at the first opportunity; the sooner the better; before it's too late

古早 古早 gu3 zao3
(Taiwan) old times; former times

过早 過早 guo4 zao3
premature; untimely

过早起爆 過早起爆 guo4 zao3 qi3 bao4

即早 即早 ji2 zao3
as soon as possible

及早 及早 ji2 zao3
at the earliest possible time; as soon as possible

叫早 叫早 jiao4 zao3
to give sb a wake-up call (at a hotel)

尽早 儘早 jin3 zao3
as early as possible

来得早不如来得巧 來得早不如來得巧 lai2 de5 zao3 bu4 ru2 lai2 de5 qiao3
arriving early can't beat coming at the right time; perfect timing

老早 老早 lao3 zao3
a long time ago

明早 明早 ming2 zao3
tomorrow morning; tomorrow

南华早报 南華早報 nan2 hua2 zao3 bao4
South China Morning Post (newspaper in Hong Kong)

起早摸黑 起早摸黑 qi3 zao3 mo1 hei1
see 起早貪黑|起早贪黑

起早贪黑 起早貪黑 qi3 zao3 tan1 hei1
to be industrious, rising early and going to bed late

清早 清早 qing1 zao3
first thing in the morning; at daybreak

稍早 稍早 shao1 zao3
a little early

稍早时 稍早時 shao1 zao3 shi2
a little earlier

提早 提早 ti2 zao3
ahead of schedule; sooner than planned; to bring forward (to an earlier time)

为时过早 為時過早 wei2 shi2 guo4 zao3
premature; too soon

一大早 一大早 yi1 da4 zao3
at dawn; at first light; first thing in the morning

一大早儿 一大早兒 yi1 da4 zao3 er5
erhua variant of 一大早

一黑早 一黑早 yi1 hei1 zao3
at dawn; early in the morning

一清早 一清早 yi1 qing1 zao3
early in the morning

一早 一早 yi1 zao3
early in the morning; at dawn

英年早逝 英年早逝 ying1 nian2 zao3 shi4
to die an untimely death (idiom); to be cut off in one's prime

早安 早安 zao3 an1
Good morning!

早班 早班 zao3 ban1
early shift; morning work shift

早班儿 早班兒 zao3 ban1 er5
erhua variant of 早班

早报 早報 zao3 bao4
morning newspaper

早播 早播 zao3 bo1
to plant early; to sow seeds in early spring; early sowing

早搏 早搏 zao3 bo2
(medicine) premature beat; extrasystole

早勃 早勃 zao3 bo2
morning erection

早餐 早餐 zao3 can1

早操 早操 zao3 cao1
morning exercises (physical exercises commonly performed en masse at schools and workplaces in East Asian countries)

早茶 早茶 zao3 cha2
morning tea

早产 早產 zao3 chan3
premature birth; premature labor

早场 早場 zao3 chang3
morning show (at theater); matinee

早车 早車 zao3 che1
morning bus; early train

早晨 早晨 zao3 chen2
early morning

早出晚归 早出晚歸 zao3 chu1 wan3 gui1
to leave early and return late (idiom)

早春 早春 zao3 chun1
early spring

早稻 早稻 zao3 dao4
early season rice; rice at transplanting or still unripe

早稻田大学 早稻田大學 zao3 dao4 tian2 da4 xue2
Waseda University (private university in Tokyo)

早点 早點 zao3 dian3

早动手,早收获 早動手,早收穫 zao3 dong4 shou3 - zao3 shou1 huo4
The sooner you set to work, the sooner you'll reap the rewards. (idiom)

早饭 早飯 zao3 fan4

早婚 早婚 zao3 hun1
to marry too early

早就 早就 zao3 jiu4
already at an earlier time

早课 早課 zao3 ke4
matins; morning service (in Catholic church); morning chorus (of birds)

早来 早來 zao3 lai2
to come early; already; early

早老素 早老素 zao3 lao3 su4

早恋 早戀 zao3 lian4
puppy love

早年 早年 zao3 nian2
early years; adolescence

早期 早期 zao3 qi1
early period; early phase; early stage

早期效应 早期效應 zao3 qi1 xiao4 ying4
early effect

早起 早起 zao3 qi3
to get up early

早前 早前 zao3 qian2

早秋 早秋 zao3 qiu1
early autumn

早日 早日 zao3 ri4
soon; shortly; on a day quite soon; promptly

早日康复 早日康復 zao3 ri4 kang1 fu4
Get well soon!; to recover health quickly

早上 早上 zao3 shang5
early morning

早上好 早上好 zao3 shang5 hao3
Good morning!

早生贵子 早生貴子 zao3 sheng1 gui4 zi3
give birth to a son soon (propitiatory compliment to the newly-weds)

早逝 早逝 zao3 shi4
early demise; untimely death

早市 早市 zao3 shi4
morning market

早熟 早熟 zao3 shu2
precocious; early-maturing

早衰 早衰 zao3 shuai1
to age prematurely; premature senescence

早霜 早霜 zao3 shuang1
early frost

早睡早起 早睡早起 zao3 shui4 zao3 qi3
early to bed, early to rise; to keep early hours

早死 早死 zao3 si3
early demise; untimely death

早死早超生 早死早超生 zao3 si3 zao3 chao1 sheng1
to end one's suffering by dying quickly and being reincarnated; (fig.) to get it over with

早岁 早歲 zao3 sui4
early years; adolescence

早退 早退 zao3 tui4
early retirement; to leave a meeting too early

早晚 早晚 zao3 wan3
morning and evening; sooner or later

早亡 早亡 zao3 wang2
premature death

早先 早先 zao3 xian1
previously; before

早些 早些 zao3 xie1
a bit earlier

早泄 早洩 zao3 xie4
premature ejaculation

早夭 早夭 zao3 yao1
to die young; Taiwan pr.

早已 早已 zao3 yi3
long ago; for a long time

早在 早在 zao3 zai4
as early as

早早儿 早早兒 zao3 zao3 er5
as soon as possible; as early as one can

早知 早知 zao3 zhi1
foresight; foreknowledge; if one had known earlier,...

早知道 早知道 zao3 zhi1 dao5
If I had known earlier...

早知今日何必当初 早知今日何必當初 zao3 zhi1 jin1 ri4 he2 bi4 dang1 chu1
if I (you, she, he...) had known it would come to this, I (you, she, he...) would not have acted thus (idiom); to regret vainly one's past behavior

这早晚儿 這早晚兒 zhe4 zao3 wan3 er5
now; at this time; this late