to neglect; to skip (class or work); to waste (time); vast; loose-fitting

strokes 7
strokes after radical 3
高旷 高曠 gao1 kuang4
high and wide

襟怀夷旷 襟懷夷曠 jin1 huai2 yi2 kuang4

久旷 久曠 jiu3 kuang4
to leave uncultivated for a long time; by extension, to neglect one's work; to remain single

开旷 開曠 kai1 kuang4
open and vast

空旷 空曠 kong1 kuang4
spacious and empty; void

恐旷症 恐曠症 kong3 kuang4 zheng4

宽旷 寬曠 kuan1 kuang4
vast; extensive

旷达 曠達 kuang4 da2
broad-minded; accepting; philosophical (about things)

旷代 曠代 kuang4 dai4
unrivalled; without peer in this generation

旷地 曠地 kuang4 di4
open space; open field

旷废 曠廢 kuang4 fei4
to neglect (work); to waste (one's talents)

旷费 曠費 kuang4 fei4
to waste; to squander

旷夫 曠夫 kuang4 fu1
bachelor; unmarried man

旷工 曠工 kuang4 gong1
to skip work; absence without leave

旷古 曠古 kuang4 gu3
since the dawn of time; from the year dot

旷古未闻 曠古未聞 kuang4 gu3 wei4 wen2
never before in the whole of history (idiom); unprecedented; also written 曠古未有|旷古未有

旷古未有 曠古未有 kuang4 gu3 wei4 you3
never before in the whole of history (idiom); unprecedented

旷课 曠課 kuang4 ke4
to play truant; to cut classes

旷阔 曠闊 kuang4 kuo4

旷渺 曠渺 kuang4 miao3
remote and vast

旷日持久 曠日持久 kuang4 ri4 chi2 jiu3
protracted (idiom); long and drawn-out

旷时摄影 曠時攝影 kuang4 shi2 she4 ying3
time-lapse photography

旷世 曠世 kuang4 shi4
incomparable; none to compare with at that time

旷野 曠野 kuang4 ye3

心旷神怡 心曠神怡 xin1 kuang4 shen2 yi2
lit. heart untroubled, spirit pleased (idiom); carefree and relaxed

夷旷 夷曠 yi2 kuang4
expansive; level and broad; broad-minded