variant of 升; to ascend; to rise in rank

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
毕升 畢昇 bi4 sheng1
Bi Sheng (990-1051), inventor of movable type

飞升 飛昇 fei1 sheng1
to levitate heavenwards (a Daoist success); to take off; to soar (of prices)

韩升洙 韓昇洙 han2 sheng1 zhu1
Han Seung Soo (1936-), South Korean diplomat and politician, prime minister from 2008

金乌西坠,玉兔东升 金烏西墜,玉兔東昇 jin1 wu1 xi1 zhui4 - yu4 tu4 dong1 sheng1
lit. the golden bird of the sun sets in the west, the jade hare of the moon rises in the east; fig. at sunset

冉冉上升 冉冉上昇 ran3 ran3 shang4 sheng1
to ascend slowly

上升 上昇 shang4 sheng1
to rise; to go up; to ascend

升调 昇調 sheng1 diao4
rising tone (phonetics, e.g. on a question in English)

升高 昇高 sheng1 gao1
to raise; to ascend

升降 昇降 sheng1 jiang4
rising and lowering

升空 昇空 sheng1 kong1
to rise to the sky; to lift off; to levitate; liftoff

升值 昇值 sheng1 zhi2
to rise in value; to appreciate

提升 提昇 ti2 sheng1
to promote; to upgrade

抑扬升降性 抑揚昇降性 yi4 yang2 sheng1 jiang4 xing4
property of rising and lowering