muddle-headed; twilight; to faint; to lose consciousness

old variant of 昏

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
晨昏 晨昏 chen2 hun1
morning and twilight; day and night

晨昏定省 晨昏定省 chen2 hun1 ding4 xing3
morning and evening visits to parents; cf 昏定晨省

冲昏头脑 沖昏頭腦 chong1 hun1 tou2 nao3
lit. to be muddled in the brain (idiom); fig. excited and unable to act rationally; to go to one's head

冲昏头脑 衝昏頭腦 chong1 hun1 tou2 nao3
lit. to be muddled in the brain (idiom); fig. excited and unable to act rationally; to go to one's head

发昏 發昏 fa1 hun1
to faint

黄昏 黃昏 huang2 hun1
dusk; evening; nightfall

黄昏恋 黃昏戀 huang2 hun1 lian4
fig. romantic relationship between an elderly couple; falling in love in the autumn of one's life

昏暗 昏暗 hun1 an4

昏沉 昏沉 hun1 chen2
murky; dazed; befuddled; dizzy

昏倒 昏倒 hun1 dao3
to faint

昏定晨省 昏定晨省 hun1 ding4 chen2 xing3
seeing to bed in the evening and visiting in the morning (ancient filial duty)

昏花 昏花 hun1 hua1
dim (eyesight); blurred (vision)

昏昏沉沉 昏昏沉沉 hun1 hun1 chen2 chen2

昏昏欲睡 昏昏欲睡 hun1 hun1 yu4 shui4
drowsy; sleepy (idiom)

昏厥 昏厥 hun1 jue2
to faint

昏君 昏君 hun1 jun1
incapable ruler

昏聩 昏聵 hun1 kui4

昏乱 昏亂 hun1 luan4
dazed; confused; fuddled

昏迷 昏迷 hun1 mi2
to lose consciousness; to be in a coma; stupor; coma; stunned; disoriented

昏迷不醒 昏迷不醒 hun1 mi2 bu4 xing3
to remain unconscious

昏睡 昏睡 hun1 shui4
sleep; drowse when unconscious; lethargic sleep; lethargy

昏睡病 昏睡病 hun1 shui4 bing4
sleeping sickness; African trypanosomiasis; see also 非洲錐蟲病|非洲锥虫病

昏天黑地 昏天黑地 hun1 tian1 hei1 di4
lit. dark sky and black earth (idiom); fig. pitch dark; to black out; disorderly; troubled times

昏头 昏頭 hun1 tou2
to lose one's head; to be out of one's mind; to be dazed

昏头昏脑 昏頭昏腦 hun1 tou2 hun1 nao3
confused; dizzy; fainting

昏庸 昏庸 hun1 yong1

老眼昏花 老眼昏花 lao3 yan3 hun1 hua1
blurred vision of an old person (idiom)

利令智昏 利令智昏 li4 ling4 zhi4 hun1
to lose one's head through material greed (idiom)

目眩头昏 目眩頭昏 mu4 xuan4 tou2 hun1
to be dizzy and see stars

热昏 熱昏 re4 hun1
to be overcome by the heat

色令智昏 色令智昏 se4 ling4 zhi4 hun1
to lose one's head over lust; sex-crazy (idiom)

神志昏迷 神志昏迷 shen2 zhi4 hun1 mi2
to be in a state of delirium

头昏 頭昏 tou2 hun1
dizzy; giddy; one's head spins

头昏目眩 頭昏目眩 tou2 hun1 mu4 xuan4
(idiom) to faint and see stars

头昏目晕 頭昏目暈 tou2 hun1 mu4 yun1
(idiom) dizzy and faint; to faint and see stars

头昏脑闷 頭昏腦悶 tou2 hun1 nao3 men4
fainting and giddy; one's head spins

头昏脑眩 頭昏腦眩 tou2 hun1 nao3 xuan4
dizzying; it makes one's head spin

头昏脑涨 頭昏腦漲 tou2 hun1 nao3 zhang4
variant of 頭昏腦脹|头昏脑胀

头昏脑胀 頭昏腦脹 tou2 hun1 nao3 zhang4
giddy; one's head spins

头昏眼暗 頭昏眼暗 tou2 hun1 yan3 an4
head spinning and eyes dark (idiom); dizzy; fainting; vertigo

头昏眼花 頭昏眼花 tou2 hun1 yan3 hua1
to faint with blurred vision (idiom); dizzy and eyes dimmed

头昏眼晕 頭昏眼暈 tou2 hun1 yan3 yun1
head spinning and blurred vision; giddy; in a faint

吓昏 嚇昏 xia4 hun1
to faint from fear; to be frightened into fits; shell-shocked

震昏 震昏 zhen4 hun1
to knock out (of a jolt from an earthquake or crash)