to reflect (light); to shine; to project (an image onto a screen etc)

old variant of 映

strokes 9
strokes after radical 5
播映 播映 bo1 ying4
to broadcast a film; to televise

重映 重映 chong2 ying4
to reshow (a film); second screening

倒映 倒映 dao4 ying4
to reflect (producing an inverted image)

对映 對映 dui4 ying4
to be the mirror image of sth; enantiomorphic; antipodal; enantiomeric (chemistry)

对映体 對映體 dui4 ying4 ti3
enantiomer (chemistry)

对映异构 對映異構 dui4 ying4 yi4 gou4
enantiomeric isomerism (chemistry)

对映异构体 對映異構體 dui4 ying4 yi4 gou4 ti3
enantiomeric isomer (chemistry)

反映 反映 fan3 ying4
to mirror; to reflect; mirror image; reflection; (fig.) to report; to make known; to render

反映论 反映論 fan3 ying4 lun4
theory of reflection (in dialectic materialism), i.e. every perception reflects physical reality

放映 放映 fang4 ying4
to show (a movie); to screen

放映室 放映室 fang4 ying4 shi4
cinema room; viewing room

公映 公映 gong1 ying4
public screening (of a movie)

辉映 輝映 hui1 ying4
to reflect; to shine

晖映 暉映 hui1 ying4
variant of 輝映|辉映

汇映 彙映 hui4 ying4
joint screening; consecutive screening of collection of movies

聚萤映雪 聚螢映雪 ju4 ying2 ying4 xue3
lit. to collect fireflies and study by their light (idiom); fig. ambitious student from impoverished background; burning the midnight oil

开映 開映 kai1 ying4
to start showing a movie

逆映射 逆映射 ni4 ying4 she4
inverse map (math.)

闪映 閃映 shan3 ying4
twinkle; flare

上映 上映 shang4 ying4
to show (a movie); to screen

试映 試映 shi4 ying4
preview (of a movie); trial screening

首映 首映 shou3 ying4
premiere (of a play or film); opening night; first-run; to premiere (a film)

首映式 首映式 shou3 ying4 shi4
premiere of a movie

相映成趣 相映成趣 xiang1 ying4 cheng2 qu4
to set each other off nicely

掩映 掩映 yan3 ying4
hidden from view; alternately hidden and visible; setting off each other

一一映射 一一映射 yi1 yi1 ying4 she4
bijective map (i.e. map between sets in math. that is one-to-one and onto); one-to-one correspondence

隐映 隱映 yin3 ying4
to set off one another

映衬 映襯 ying4 chen4
to set off by contrast; antithesis; analogy parallelism (linguistics)

映山红 映山紅 ying4 shan1 hong2
Indian azalea (Rhododendron simsii)

映射 映射 ying4 she4
to shine on; (math., linguistics etc) mapping

映射过程 映射過程 ying4 she4 guo4 cheng2
mapping process

映像 映像 ying4 xiang4
reflection; image (in a mirror)

映像管 映像管 ying4 xiang4 guan3
CRT used in TV or computer monitor; picture tube; kinescope

映照 映照 ying4 zhao4
to shine upon; to reflect

照映 照映 zhao4 ying4
to shine; to illuminate