to conceal; dark

strokes 9
strokes after radical 5
暧昧 曖昧 ai4 mei4
vague; ambiguous; equivocal; dubious

暧昧关系 曖昧關係 ai4 mei4 guan1 xi4
shady relationship; affair; adulterous relationship

暗昧 暗昧 an4 mei4
obscure; remaining unenlightened

不揣冒昧 不揣冒昧 bu4 chuai3 mao4 mei4
to venture to; to presume to; to take the liberty of

瞒心昧己 瞞心昧己 man2 xin1 mei4 ji3
to blot out one's conscience

冒昧 冒昧 mao4 mei4
bold; presumptuous; to take the liberty of

昧旦 昧旦 mei4 dan4
the time just before daybreak

昧良心 昧良心 mei4 liang2 xin1
it goes against one's conscience

昧没 昧沒 mei4 mo4
veiled; obscure

昧死 昧死 mei4 si3
to risk one's life

昧心 昧心 mei4 xin1
against one's conscience

蒙昧 蒙昧 meng2 mei4
uncultured; uncivilized; God-forsaken; ignorant; illiterate

蒙昧无知 蒙昧無知 meng2 mei4 wu2 zhi1
benighted (idiom); ignorant

三昧 三昧 san1 mei4
Samadhi (Buddhist term)

拾金不昧 拾金不昧 shi2 jin1 bu4 mei4
to pick up money and not hide it (idiom); to return property to its owner

素昧平生 素昧平生 su4 mei4 ping2 sheng1
to have never met sb before (idiom); entirely unacquainted; a complete stranger; not to know sb from Adam

愚昧 愚昧 yu2 mei4
ignorant; uneducated; ignorance

愚昧无知 愚昧無知 yu2 mei4 wu2 zhi1
stupid and ignorant (idiom)