evening; night; late

strokes 11
strokes after radical 7
爱晚亭 愛晚亭 ai4 wan3 ting2
Aiwan Pavilion, on Mt Yuelu 岳麓山 in Hubei, famous beauty spot

傍晚 傍晚 bang4 wan3
in the evening; when night falls; towards evening; at night fall; at dusk

北京晚报 北京晚報 bei3 jing1 wan3 bao4
Beijing Evening News

春风深醉的晚上 春風深醉的晚上 chun1 feng1 shen1 zui4 de5 wan3 shang5
Intoxicating Spring Nights, 1924 short story by Yu Dafu 郁達夫|郁达夫

春节联欢晚会 春節聯歡晚會 chun1 jie2 lian2 huan1 wan3 hui4
CCTV New Year's Gala, Chinese New Year special; abbr. to 春晚

春晚 春晚 chun1 wan3
abbr. for 春節聯歡晚會|春节联欢晚会

大器晚成 大器晚成 da4 qi4 wan3 cheng2
lit. it takes a long time to make a big pot (idiom); fig. a great talent matures slowly; in the fullness of time a major figure will develop into a pillar of the state; Rome wasn't built in a day

当晚 當晚 dang1 wan3
on that evening

当晚 當晚 dang4 wan3
the same evening

多早晚 多早晚 duo1 zao3 wan3

法制晚报 法製晚報 fa3 zhi4 wan3 bao4
Lawcourt evening news, offshoot of 北京年青报 specialising in legal news, www.fawan.com

好饭不怕晚 好飯不怕晚 hao3 fan4 bu4 pa4 wan3
the meal is remembered long after the wait is forgotten; the good things in life are worth waiting for

患晚期 患晚期 huan4 wan3 qi1
terminal stage (of illness)

悔之已晚 悔之已晚 hui3 zhi1 yi3 wan3
too late to be sorry

今晚 今晚 jin1 wan3

就晚了 就晚了 jiu4 wan3 le5
then it's too late (colloquial)

君子报仇,十年不晚 君子報仇,十年不晚 jun1 zi5 bao4 chou2 - shi2 nian2 bu4 wan3
lit. for a nobleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long (idiom); fig. revenge is a dish best served cold

李承晚 李承晚 li3 cheng2 wan3
Syngman Rhee (1875-1965), US trained Korean politician and dictator, president of Republic of Korea 1948-1960

如火晚霞 如火晚霞 ru2 huo3 wan3 xia2
clouds at sunset glowing like fire

识荆恨晚 識荊恨晚 shi2 jing1 hen4 wan3
It is a great honor to meet you and I regret it is not sooner

头晚 頭晚 tou2 wan3
previous night

晚安 晚安 wan3 an1
Good night!; Good evening!

晚半天儿 晚半天兒 wan3 ban5 tian1 er5
late afternoon

晚报 晚報 wan3 bao4
evening newspaper; (in a newspaper's name) Evening News

晚辈 晚輩 wan3 bei4
the younger generation; those who come after

晚餐 晚餐 wan3 can1
evening meal; dinner

晚场 晚場 wan3 chang3
evening show (at theater etc)

晚车 晚車 wan3 che1
night train

晚祷 晚禱 wan3 dao3
evening prayer; evensong; vespers

晚点 晚點 wan3 dian3
(of trains etc) late; delayed; behind schedule; light dinner

晚饭 晚飯 wan3 fan4
evening meal; dinner; supper

晚会 晚會 wan3 hui4
evening party

晚婚晚育 晚婚晚育 wan3 hun1 wan3 yu4
to marry and give birth late

晚间 晚間 wan3 jian1
evening; night

晚近 晚近 wan3 jin4
most recent in the past; recent; late; recently

晚景 晚景 wan3 jing3
evening scene; circumstances of one's declining years

晚礼服 晚禮服 wan3 li3 fu2
evening dress

晚年 晚年 wan3 nian2
one's later years

晚期 晚期 wan3 qi1
later period; end stage; terminal

晚期癌症 晚期癌症 wan3 qi1 ai2 zheng4
terminal cancer

晚清 晚清 wan3 qing1
the late Qing; late 19th and early 20th century China

晚晌 晚晌 wan3 shang3

晚上好 晚上好 wan3 shang4 hao3
Good evening!

晚上 晚上 wan3 shang5
evening; night; in the evening

晚生 晚生 wan3 sheng1
I (self-deprecatory, in front of elders) (old)

晚世 晚世 wan3 shi4

晚霞 晚霞 wan3 xia2
sunset glow; sunset clouds; afterglow

晚宴 晚宴 wan3 yan4
banquet; dinner party; soiree

晚育 晚育 wan3 yu4
late childbirth; to have a child at a later age

为时不晚 為時不晚 wei2 shi2 bu4 wan3
it is not too late (idiom)

为时未晚 為時未晚 wei2 shi2 wei4 wan3
it is not too late (idiom)

为时已晚 為時已晚 wei2 shi2 yi3 wan3
already too late

相见恨晚 相見恨晚 xiang1 jian4 hen4 wan3
to regret not having met earlier (idiom); It is nice to meet you finally.; It feels like we have known each other all along.

新民晚报 新民晚報 xin1 min2 wan3 bao4
Xinmin Evening News

夜晚 夜晚 ye4 wan3

一天到晚 一天到晚 yi1 tian1 dao4 wan3
all day long; the whole day

犹未为晚 猶未為晚 you2 wei4 wei2 wan3
it is not too late (idiom)

早出晚归 早出晚歸 zao3 chu1 wan3 gui1
to leave early and return late (idiom)

早晚 早晚 zao3 wan3
morning and evening; sooner or later

这早晚儿 這早晚兒 zhe4 zao3 wan3 er5
now; at this time; this late

最后的晚餐 最後的晚餐 zui4 hou4 de5 wan3 can1
the Last Supper (in the Christian Passion story)

最后晚餐 最後晚餐 zui4 hou4 wan3 can1
the Last Supper (in the biblical Passion story)

昨晚 昨晚 zuo2 wan3
yesterday evening; last night