to meet (socially)

strokes 11
strokes after radical 7
会晤 會晤 hui4 wu4
to meet; meeting; conference

聚晤 聚晤 ju4 wu4
to meet (as a social group)

面晤 面晤 mian4 wu4
to interview; to meet

首脑会晤 首腦會晤 shou3 nao3 hui4 wu4
leadership meeting

泰晤士 泰晤士 tai4 wu4 shi4
the Times (newspaper); River Thames, through London

泰晤士报 泰晤士報 tai4 wu4 shi4 bao4
Times (newspaper)

泰晤士河 泰晤士河 tai4 wu4 shi4 he2
River Thames

晤面 晤面 wu4 mian4
to meet (in person); to meet with sb

晤谈 晤談 wu4 tan2
to speak face to face; meeting; interview