last day of a lunar month; dark; night

strokes 11
strokes after radical 7
悖晦 悖晦 bei4 hui4
(coll.) muddleheaded

风雨晦冥 風雨晦冥 feng1 yu3 hui4 ming2
conditions of extreme adversity (idiom)

风雨如晦 風雨如晦 feng1 yu3 ru2 hui4
lit. wind and rain darken the sky (idiom); fig. the situation looks grim

晦暗 晦暗 hui4 an4
dark and gloomy

晦气 晦氣 hui4 qi4
bad luck; unlucky; calamitous; wretched

晦涩 晦澀 hui4 se4
difficult to understand; cryptic

艰深晦涩 艱深晦澀 jian1 shen1 hui4 se4
abstruse and unfathomable (idiom)

韬光养晦 韜光養晦 tao1 guang1 yang3 hui4
to conceal one's strengths and bide one's time (idiom); to hide one's light under a bushel

显晦 顯晦 xian3 hui4
light and shade

阴晦 陰晦 yin1 hui4
overcast; gloomy

隐晦 隱晦 yin3 hui4
vague; ambiguous; veiled; obscure

遵时养晦 遵時養晦 zun1 shi2 yang3 hui4
to bide one's time, waiting for an opportunity to stage a comeback in public life (idiom)