old variant of 暖

warm; to warm

variant of 暖

variant of 暖, warm

strokes 13
strokes after radical 9
保暖 保暖 bao3 nuan3
to stay warm; to protect against the cold

饱暖思淫欲,饥寒起盗心 飽暖思淫欲,飢寒起盜心 bao3 nuan3 si1 yin2 yu4 - ji1 han2 qi3 dao4 xin1
lechery springs from warmth and nourishment, kleptomania springs from hunger and cold (idiom)

变暖 變暖 bian4 nuan3
warming; changing to become warmer

采暖 採暖 cai3 nuan3

春江水暖鸭先知 春江水暖鴨先知 chun1 jiang1 shui3 nuan3 ya1 xian1 zhi1
lit. the duck is the first to know if the spring water is warm (idiom); fig. an expert in the field knows which way the wind blows

大气暖化 大氣暖化 da4 qi4 nuan3 hua4
atmospheric warming

风和日暖 風和日暖 feng1 he2 ri4 nuan3
gentle wind and warm sunshine (idiom)

和暖 和暖 he2 nuan3
pleasantly warm (weather)

回暖 回暖 hui2 nuan3
(of the weather) to warm up again

冷暖 冷暖 leng3 nuan3
lit. daily changes of temperature; fig. well-being; sb's comfort, health, prosperity etc

冷暖房 冷暖房 leng3 nuan3 fang2
cooling and heating; air conditioning and central heating

冷暖自知 冷暖自知 leng3 nuan3 zi4 zhi1
see 如人飲水,冷暖自知|如人饮水,冷暖自知

暖巢管家 暖巢管家 nuan3 chao2 guan3 jia1
housekeeper who looks after old people with no children or whose children do not live with them

暖调 暖調 nuan3 diao4
warm tone; warm color

暖房 暖房 nuan3 fang2
heating; central heating; greenhouse; hothouse; to pay a house-warming visit

暖锋 暖鋒 nuan3 feng1
warm front (meteorology)

暖风 暖風 nuan3 feng1
warm breeze

暖阁 暖閣 nuan3 ge2
warm room; warm partition of a room

暖烘烘 暖烘烘 nuan3 hong1 hong1
nice and warm; cosy; heartwarming

暖壶 暖壺 nuan3 hu2
vacuum flask; thermos flask

暖化 暖化 nuan3 hua4

暖和 暖和 nuan3 huo5
warm; nice and warm

暖轿 暖轎 nuan3 jiao4
closed sedan chair

暖流 暖流 nuan3 liu2
warm current; (fig.) warm feeling

暖炉 暖爐 nuan3 lu2
space heater; radiator

暖男 暖男 nuan3 nan2
sunshine boy; a man who is family-oriented, considerate and protective

暖暖 暖暖 nuan3 nuan3
Nuannuan district of Keelung City 基隆市, Taiwan

暖暖区 暖暖區 nuan3 nuan3 qu1
Nuannuan district of Keelung City 基隆市, Taiwan

暖瓶 暖瓶 nuan3 ping2

暖气 暖氣 nuan3 qi4
central heating; heater; warm air

暖气机 暖氣機 nuan3 qi4 ji1
radiator; heater

暖气片 暖氣片 nuan3 qi4 pian4
radiator (for heating)

暖融融 暖融融 nuan3 rong2 rong2
comfortably warm; cosy

暖色 暖色 nuan3 se4
warm color (arch.); esp. yellow, orange or red

暖水瓶 暖水瓶 nuan3 shui3 ping2
thermos flask or bottle

暖洋洋 暖洋洋 nuan3 yang2 yang2
warm; comfortably warm

暖意 暖意 nuan3 yi4

气候暖化 氣候暖化 qi4 hou4 nuan3 hua4
climate warming

汽暖 汽暖 qi4 nuan3
gas heating

取暖 取暖 qu3 nuan3
to warm oneself (by a fire etc)

全球变暖 全球變暖 quan2 qiu2 bian4 nuan3
global warming (PRC usage); written 全球暖化 in Taiwan

全球暖化 全球暖化 quan2 qiu2 nuan3 hua4
global warming (Taiwan and Hong Kong usage); written 全球變暖|全球变暖 in PRC

全球气候变暖 全球氣候變暖 quan2 qiu2 qi4 hou4 bian4 nuan3
global warming

如人饮水,冷暖自知 如人飲水,冷暖自知 ru2 ren2 yin3 shui3 - leng3 nuan3 zi4 zhi1
the person who drinks it knows best whether the water is hot or cold (Zen proverb); self-awareness comes from within; to know best by personal experience

三温暖 三溫暖 san1 wen1 nuan3
sauna (loanword) (Tw)

世界变暖 世界變暖 shi4 jie4 bian4 nuan3
global warming

水暖工 水暖工 shui3 nuan3 gong1
plumber; heating engineer

温暖 溫暖 wen1 nuan3

嘘寒问暖 噓寒問暖 xu1 han2 wen4 nuan3
to enquire solicitously about sb's well-being (idiom); to pamper

煦暖 煦暖 xu4 nuan3
to warm; warming