evening; sunset

strokes 14
strokes after radical 11
薄暮 薄暮 bo2 mu4
dusk; twilight

晨钟暮鼓 晨鐘暮鼓 chen2 zhong1 mu4 gu3
lit. morning bell, evening drum, symbolizing monastic practice (idiom); fig. encouragement to study or progress

迟暮 遲暮 chi2 mu4
past one's prime

垂暮之年 垂暮之年 chui2 mu4 zhi1 nian2
old age

暮霭 暮靄 mu4 ai3
evening mist

暮鼓晨钟 暮鼓晨鐘 mu4 gu3 chen2 zhong1
lit. evening drum, morning bell (idiom); fig. Buddhist monastic practice; the passage of time in a disciplined existence

暮景 暮景 mu4 jing3
an evening scene; fig. one's old age

暮年 暮年 mu4 nian2
one's declining years; old age

暮气 暮氣 mu4 qi4
evening mist; fig. declining spirits; lethargy

暮色 暮色 mu4 se4

暮色苍茫 暮色蒼茫 mu4 se4 cang1 mang2
the hazy dusk of twilight (idiom)

日暮 日暮 ri4 mu4

日暮途穷 日暮途窮 ri4 mu4 tu2 qiong2
sunset, the end of the road (idiom); in terminal decline; at a dead end

岁暮 歲暮 sui4 mu4
end of the year

向暮 向暮 xiang4 mu4
towards evening

朝露暮霭 朝露暮靄 zhao1 lu4 mu4 ai3
morning dew, evening mist (idiom); ephemeral; impermanent

朝秦暮楚 朝秦暮楚 zhao1 qin2 mu4 chu3
serve Qin in the morning Chu in the evening (idiom); quick to switch sides

朝三暮四 朝三暮四 zhao1 san1 mu4 si4
lit. say three in the morning but four in the evening (idiom); to change sth that is already settled upon; indecisive; to blow hot and cold

朝思暮想 朝思暮想 zhao1 si1 mu4 xiang3
to yearn for sth day and night (idiom)

朝朝暮暮 朝朝暮暮 zhao1 zhao1 mu4 mu4
from dawn to dusk; all the time