to air; to sun

strokes 19
strokes after radical 15
曝光 曝光 bao4 guang1
to expose (photography); (fig.) to expose (a scandal); (advertising) exposure; Taiwan pr.

曝光表 曝光表 bao4 guang1 biao3
light meter; exposure meter

曝露 曝露 pu4 lu4
to expose (to the air, light etc); to leave uncovered; exposure

曝晒 曝曬 pu4 shai4
to expose to strong sunlight

野叟曝言 野叟曝言 ye3 sou3 pu4 yan2
Yesou Puyan or Humble Words of a Rustic Elder, monumental Qing novel by Xia Jingqu 夏敬渠

一曝十寒 一曝十寒 yi1 pu4 shi2 han2
one day's sun, ten days' frost (idiom, from Mencius); fig. to work for a bit then skimp; sporadic effort; lack of sticking power; short attention span