flower; earlobe; fig. item on both sides; classifier for flowers, clouds etc

variant of 朵

strokes 6
strokes after radical 2
大块朵颐 大塊朵頤 da4 kuai4 duo3 yi2
to chew on a large slab (idiom); a large mouthful is hard to chew; to tuck into a great meal

大快朵颐 大快朵頤 da4 kuai4 duo3 yi2
to gorge oneself; to eat heartily (idiom)

朵颐 朵頤 duo3 yi2
to move the jaw; to munch; to masticate

耳朵软 耳朵軟 er3 duo1 ruan3

耳朵 耳朵 er3 duo5
ear; handle (on a cup)

刚朵拉 剛朵拉 gang1 duo3 la1
see 貢多拉|贡多拉

骨朵 骨朵 gu3 duo3
club (ancient stick-like weapon); (flower) bud

花朵 花朵 hua1 duo3

花骨朵 花骨朵 hua1 gu3 duo5
(coll.) flower bud

克利斯朵夫 克利斯朵夫 ke4 li4 si1 duo3 fu1
Christopher (name)

玛奇朵 瑪奇朵 ma3 qi2 duo3
macchiato (loanword); latte macchiato (coffee)

耙耳朵 耙耳朵 pa1 er3 duo5
(dialect) henpecked; to be under one's wife's thumb

潘朵拉 潘朵拉 pan1 duo3 la1

软耳朵 軟耳朵 ruan3 er3 duo5
credulous person; credulous

扇风耳朵 扇風耳朵 shan1 feng1 er3 duo5
protruding ears

竖起耳朵 豎起耳朵 shu4 qi3 er3 duo5
to prick up one's ears; to strain to hear sth

咬耳朵 咬耳朵 yao3 er3 duo5
(coll.) to whisper in sb's ear

咬着耳朵 咬著耳朵 yao3 zhe5 er3 duo5
whispering in sb's ear

云朵 雲朵 yun2 duo3
a cloud