material; timber; ability; aptitude; a capable individual; coffin (old)

strokes 7
strokes after radical 3
棒材 棒材 bang4 cai2
bar; rod

边材 邊材 bian1 cai2
sapwood (between vascular cambium and pith inside growing wood)

不材 不材 bu4 cai2
untalented; I; me (humble); also written 不才

不成材 不成材 bu4 cheng2 cai2
worthless; good-for-nothing

不见棺材不落泪 不見棺材不落淚 bu4 jian4 guan1 cai5 bu4 luo4 lei4
lit. not to shed a tear until one sees the coffin (idiom); fig. refuse to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality

材积 材積 cai2 ji1
volume (of timber)

材料 材料 cai2 liao4
material; data; makings; stuff

材料科学 材料科學 cai2 liao4 ke1 xue2
materials science

材料学 材料學 cai2 liao4 xue2
material science

材质 材質 cai2 zhi4
texture of timber; quality of material; material (that sth is made of)

参考材料 參考材料 can1 kao3 cai2 liao4
reference material; source documents

测试和材料协会 測試和材料協會 ce4 shi4 he2 cai2 liao4 xie2 hui4
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

成材 成材 cheng2 cai2
to make sth of oneself; to become a person who is worthy of respect; (of a tree) to grow to full size; to become useful for timber

蠢材 蠢材 chun3 cai2

大材小用 大材小用 da4 cai2 xiao3 yong4
using a talented person in an insignificant position; a sledgehammer to crack a nut

电脑辅助教材 電腦輔助教材 dian4 nao3 fu3 zhu4 jiao4 cai2
computer-aided instruction

斗筲之材 斗筲之材 dou3 shao1 zhi1 cai2
person of limited capacity

多层材 多層材 duo1 ceng2 cai2

放射性材料 放射性材料 fang4 she4 xing4 cai2 liao4
radioactive material

放射性发光材料 放射性發光材料 fang4 she4 xing4 fa1 guang1 cai2 liao4

复合材料 複合材料 fu4 he2 cai2 liao4
composite material

干材 幹材 gan4 cai2
ability; capable

钢材 鋼材 gang1 cai2
steel (as raw material); steel sheets, bars, tubes, ingots, wire etc

高材 高材 gao1 cai2
great talent; rare capability; person of outstanding ability

高材生 高材生 gao1 cai2 sheng1
student of great ability

隔热材料 隔熱材料 ge2 re4 cai2 liao4

棺材 棺材 guan1 cai5

棺材瓤子 棺材瓤子 guan1 cai5 rang2 zi5
geezer with one foot in the grave (used jokingly or as an imprecation)

耗材 耗材 hao4 cai2
consumables; to consume raw materials

集材 集材 ji2 cai2

建材 建材 jian4 cai2
building materials

教材 教材 jiao4 cai2
teaching material

金属材料 金屬材料 jin1 shu3 cai2 liao4
metal material

就地取材 就地取材 jiu4 di4 qu3 cai2
to draw on local resources; using materials at hand

隽材 雋材 juan4 cai2

可裂变材料 可裂變材料 ke3 lie4 bian4 cai2 liao4
fissile material

良材 良材 liang2 cai2
good timber; sound material; fig. able person; sound chap

裂变材料 裂變材料 lie4 bian4 cai2 liao4
fissionable material

媒材 媒材 mei2 cai2
medium (art) (Tw)

木材 木材 mu4 cai2

器材 器材 qi4 cai2
equipment; material

翘材 翹材 qiao2 cai2
outstanding talent

取材 取材 qu3 cai2
to collect material

人材 人材 ren2 cai2
variant of 人才

人尽其材 人盡其材 ren2 jin4 qi2 cai2
employ one's talent to the fullest; everyone gives of their best; also written 人盡其才|人尽其才

身材 身材 shen1 cai2
stature; build (height and weight); figure

生物材料 生物材料 sheng1 wu4 cai2 liao4

视听材料 視聽材料 shi4 ting1 cai2 liao4
evidence of material seen and heard; oral testimony

寿材 壽材 shou4 cai2

素材 素材 su4 cai2
source material (in literature and art)

题材 題材 ti2 cai2
subject matter

五短身材 五短身材 wu3 duan3 shen1 cai2
(of a person) short in stature

武器级别材料 武器級別材料 wu3 qi4 ji2 bie2 cai2 liao4
weapons-grade material

心材 心材 xin1 cai2
pith; central core (of tree)

型材 型材 xing2 cai2
extruded profile

研磨材料 研磨材料 yan2 mo2 cai2 liao4
abrasive; grinding material

药材 藥材 yao4 cai2
drug ingredients

耶律楚材 耶律楚材 ye1 lv4 chu3 cai2
Yelü Chucai (1190-1244), Khitan statesman and advisor to Genghis Khan and Ögödei Khan, known for convincing the Mongols to tax the conquered population of the north China plains rather than slaughter it

因材施教 因材施教 yin1 cai2 shi1 jiao4
(idiom) to teach in line with the student's ability

原材料 原材料 yuan2 cai2 liao4
raw materials; unprocessed materials

圆形木材 圓形木材 yuan2 xing2 mu4 cai2

主材 主材 zhu3 cai2
principal or main material (engineering)