a staff; a rod; cane; walking stick; to flog with a stick (old)

strokes 7
strokes after radical 3
禅杖 禪杖 chan2 zhang4
the staff of a Buddhist monk

笞杖 笞杖 chi1 zhang4
a cudgel

擀面杖 擀麵杖 gan3 mian4 zhang4
rolling pin

拐杖 拐杖 guai3 zhang4
crutches; crutch; walking stick

棍杖 棍杖 gun4 zhang4
staff; rod

盲杖 盲杖 mang2 zhang4
white cane (used by the blind)

明杖 明杖 ming2 zhang4
white cane (used by the blind)

魔杖 魔杖 mo2 zhang4
magic wand

权杖 權杖 quan2 zhang4

手杖 手杖 shou3 zhang4

铁杖 鐵杖 tie3 zhang4
steel staff; stell stick

锡杖 錫杖 xi1 zhang4
monk's staff (Buddhism)

杖头木偶 杖頭木偶 zhang4 tou2 mu4 ou3
zhangtou wooden rod puppetry

杖刑 杖刑 zhang4 xing2
beating with wooden staves (as corporal punishment)