flagpole; footbridge

variant of 槓|杠

thick pole; bar; rod; thick line; to mark with a thick line; to sharpen (knife); (old) coffin-bearing pole

strokes 7
strokes after radical 3
保险杠 保險槓 bao3 xian3 gang4
car bumper

单杠 單槓 dan1 gang4
bar; bold line; horizontal bar (gymnastics event)

吊杠 吊槓 diao4 gang4
trapeze (gymnastics)

反斜杠 反斜杠 fan3 xie2 gang4
backslash (computing)

非杠杆化 非槓桿化 fei1 gang4 gan3 hua4
deleveraging (i.e. paying off part of a leverage loan)

杠荡 槓盪 gang4 dang4
to shake; to rock

杠刀 槓刀 gang4 dao1
to sharpen a knife (or razor etc)

杠夫 槓夫 gang4 fu1
pole carrier; coffin-bearer

杠杆 槓桿 gang4 gan3
lever; pry bar; crowbar; financial leverage

杠杆收购 杠杆收購 gang4 gan3 shou1 gou4
leveraged buyout (LBO)

杠龟 槓龜 gang4 gui1
to lose one's shirt (gambling); to meet with failure; (Taiwanese, POJ pr. )

杠铃 槓鈴 gang4 ling2

杠头 槓頭 gang4 tou2
argumentative man; chief coffin-bearer (arch.)

杠子 槓子 gang4 zi5
thick bar; solid carrying pole

高低杠 高低槓 gao1 di1 gang4
uneven bars (gymnastics)

横杠 橫槓 heng2 gang4
bar; horizontal bar

金融杠杆 金融槓桿 jin1 rong2 gang4 gan3
financial leverage; leveraging (i.e. buying shares on borrowed funds)

盘杠子 盤杠子 pan2 gang4 zi5
to carry out gymnastic tricks on horizontal bar

敲竹杠 敲竹槓 qiao1 zhu2 gang4
extortion by taking advantage of sb's weakness

撬杠 撬槓 qiao4 gang4

双杠 雙槓 shuang1 gang4
parallel bars (gymnastics event)

抬杠 抬槓 tai2 gang4
to bicker; to argue for the sake of arguing; to carry on poles (together with sb else); to carry a coffin on poles

斜杠 斜槓 xie2 gang4
oblique bar; slash (computing)

资金杠杆 資金槓桿 zi1 jin1 gang4 gan3
(finance) leverage; gearing