strip; item; article; clause (of law or treaty); classifier for long thin things (ribbon, river, road, trousers etc)

strokes 7
strokes after radical 3
瑷珲条约 璦琿條約 ai4 hun2 tiao2 yue1
Treaty of Aigun, 1858 unequal treaty forced on Qing China by Tsarist Russia

艾条 艾條 ai4 tiao2
moxa stick, moxa roll (TCM)

艾条灸 艾條灸 ai4 tiao2 jiu3
stick moxibustion; poling (TCM)

艾条雀啄灸 艾條雀啄灸 ai4 tiao2 que4 zhuo2 jiu3
"sparrow pecking" moxibustion technique (TCM)

艾条温和灸 艾條溫和灸 ai4 tiao2 wen1 he2 jiu3
gentle stick moxibustion (TCM)

白条 白條 bai2 tiao2
IOU; informal document acknowledging a debt

板条 板條 ban3 tiao2

板条箱 板條箱 ban3 tiao2 xiang1

半条命 半條命 ban4 tiao2 ming4
half a life; only half alive; barely alive; (scared, beaten etc) half to death

报条 報條 bao4 tiao2
report of success from a candidate to the imperial examination (old); list of deaths

必要条件 必要條件 bi4 yao4 tiao2 jian4
requirement; necessary condition (math)

便条 便條 bian4 tiao2
(informal) note

便条纸 便條紙 bian4 tiao2 zhi3
scrap paper

病假条 病假條 bing4 jia4 tiao2
sick note; medical certificate for sick leave

并条 並條 bing4 tiao2
drawing (textile industry)

不扩散核武器条约 不擴散核武器條約 bu4 kuo4 san4 he2 wu3 qi4 tiao2 yue1
Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

不平等条约 不平等條約 bu4 ping2 deng3 tiao2 yue1
unequal treaty

菜单条 菜單條 cai4 dan1 tiao2
menu bar (of a computer application)

长条 長條 chang2 tiao2

车条 車條 che1 tiao2
spoke (of wheel)

扯皮条 扯皮條 che3 pi2 tiao2
see 拉皮條|拉皮条

齿条 齒條 chi3 tiao2
rack (and pinion)

齿条齿轮 齒條齒輪 chi3 tiao2 chi3 lun2
rack and pinion

齿条千斤顶 齒條千斤頂 chi3 tiao2 qian1 jin1 ding3
rack and pinion jack

赤条条 赤條條 chi4 tiao2 tiao2
stark naked

充要条件 充要條件 chong1 yao4 tiao2 jian4
necessary and sufficient condition

穿一条裤子 穿一條褲子 chuan1 yi1 tiao2 ku4 zi5
(of male friends) to have been through thick and thin together; to be like family; to share the same view of things

磁条 磁條 ci2 tiao2
magnetic stripe card

词条 詞條 ci2 tiao2
dictionary entry; lexical item; term

打白条 打白條 da3 bai2 tiao2
to write an IOU or promissory note

大条 大條 da4 tiao2
(used to modify 事情) serious; grave

大萧条 大蕭條 da4 xiao1 tiao2
the Great Depression (1929-c. 1939)

递条子 遞條子 di4 tiao2 zi5
to pass a message

东条英机 東條英機 dong1 tiao2 ying1 ji1
Tojo Hideki (1884-1948), Japanese military leader hanged as war criminal in 1948

二十一条 二十一條 er4 shi2 yi1 tiao2
the Japanese Twenty-One Demands of 1915

发条 發條 fa1 tiao2
spring; coil spring (spiral spring used to power clockwork)

非条件反射 非條件反射 fei1 tiao2 jian4 fan3 she4
unconditioned reflex (physiology)

粉条 粉條 fen3 tiao2
vermicelli made from mung bean starch etc

封条 封條 feng1 tiao2

辐条 輻條 fu2 tiao2
(wheel) spoke

付款条件 付款條件 fu4 kuan3 tiao2 jian4
terms of payment

改订伊犁条约 改訂伊犁條約 gai3 ding4 yi1 li2 tiao2 yue1
Treaty of Saint Petersburg of 1881 in which Russia agreed to hand back Yili province to Qing China in exchange for compensation payment and unequal treaty rights

钢条 鋼條 gang1 tiao2
steel bar

工具条 工具條 gong1 ju4 tiao2
toolbar (in computer software)

广告条幅 廣告條幅 guang3 gao4 tiao2 fu2
banner advertisement

规条 規條 gui1 tiao2

滚动条 滾動條 gun3 dong4 tiao2
scrollbar (computing)

和平条约 和平條約 he2 ping2 tiao2 yue1
peace treaty

回条 回條 hui2 tiao2
receipt; note acknowledging receipt

集体安全条约组织 集體安全條約組織 ji2 ti3 an1 quan2 tiao2 yue1 zu3 zhi1
Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO)

假条 假條 jia4 tiao2
leave permit; application for leave

脚踏两条船 腳踏兩條船 jiao3 ta4 liang3 tiao2 chuan2
lit. to stand with each foot in a different boat (idiom); fig. to have it both ways; to run after two hares; (especially) to have two lovers at the same time

教条 教條 jiao4 tiao2
creed; doctrine; religious dogma

教条主义 教條主義 jiao4 tiao2 zhu3 yi4

借条 借條 jie4 tiao2
receipt for a loan; IOU

戒条 戒條 jie4 tiao2
commandment; precept

金条 金條 jin1 tiao2
gold bar

禁止核武器试验条约 禁止核武器試驗條約 jin4 zhi3 he2 wu3 qi4 shi4 yan4 tiao2 yue1
nuclear test ban treaty

经济萧条 經濟蕭條 jing1 ji4 xiao1 tiao2
economic depression

井井有条 井井有條 jing3 jing3 you3 tiao2
everything clear and orderly (idiom); neat and tidy

锯条 鋸條 ju4 tiao2
a sawblade

口条 口條 kou3 tiao2
(ox etc) tongue (as food); (Tw) elocution; articulation

拉白布条 拉白布條 la1 bai2 bu4 tiao2
to hold up a white banner (i.e. to protest)

拉大条 拉大條 la1 da4 tiao2
to defecate (slang)

拉皮条 拉皮條 la1 pi2 tiao2
to procure; to act as pimp

拉萨条约 拉薩條約 la1 sa4 tiao2 yue1
Treaty of Lhasa (1904) between British empire and Tibet

老油条 老油條 lao3 you2 tiao2
old fox; slick customer

里瓦几亚条约 里瓦幾亞條約 li3 wa3 ji1 ya4 tiao2 yue1
Treaty of Livadia (1879) between Russia and China, relating to territory in Chinese Turkistan, renegotiated in 1881 (Treaty of St. Petersburg)

链条 鏈條 lian4 tiao2

柳条 柳條 liu3 tiao2
willow; willow branches; wicker (material for basketwork)

柳条边 柳條邊 liu3 tiao2 bian1
Willow palisade across Liaoning, 17th century barrier

柳条沟事件 柳條溝事件 liu3 tiao2 gou1 shi4 jian4
see 柳條湖事件|柳条湖事件

柳条湖事件 柳條湖事件 liu3 tiao2 hu2 shi4 jian4
the Mukden or Manchurian Railway Incident of 18th September 1931 used by the Japanese as a pretext to annex Manchuria; also known as 9-18 incident 九一八事變|九一八事变

路条 路條 lu4 tiao2
travel pass

旅大租地条约 旅大租地條約 lv3 da4 zu1 di4 tiao2 yue1
unequal treaty of 1898 whereby the Qing dynasty ceded the lease of Lüshun (Port Arthur) to Russia

律条 律條 lv4 tiao2
a law

马关条约 馬關條約 ma3 guan1 tiao2 yue1
Treaty of Shimonoseki (1895), concluding the First Sino-Japanese War 甲午戰爭|甲午战争

慢条斯理 慢條斯理 man4 tiao2 si1 li3
unhurried; calm; composed; leisurely

毛条 毛條 mao2 tiao2
wool top, semi-processed raw wool

棉条 棉條 mian2 tiao2
tampon; sliver (textiles)

免赔条款 免賠條款 mian3 pei2 tiao2 kuan3
franchise clause (insurance)

免责条款 免責條款 mian3 ze2 tiao2 kuan3

面条 麵條 mian4 tiao2

面条儿 麵條兒 mian4 tiao2 er5
erhua variant of 麵條|面条

苗条 苗條 miao2 tiao5
(of a woman) slim; slender; graceful

墨条 墨條 mo4 tiao2
ink stick

南京条约 南京條約 nan2 jing1 tiao2 yue1
Treaty of Nanjing (1842) that concluded the First Opium War between Qing China and Britain

尼布楚条约 尼布楚條約 ni2 bu4 chu3 tiao2 yue1
Treaty of Nerchinsk (1698) between Qing China and Russia

皮条 皮條 pi2 tiao2
thong; leather strap; pimp; procurer

皮条客 皮條客 pi2 tiao2 ke4

撇大条 撇大條 pie3 da4 tiao2
(slang) to take a dump

撇条 撇條 pie3 tiao2
(slang) to go to the toilet

屏条 屏條 ping2 tiao2
set of (usually four) hanging scrolls

凭条 憑條 ping2 tiao2
paper docket confirming a transaction

签条 籤條 qian1 tiao2
label; tag

铅条 鉛條 qian1 tiao2
strip of lead

前提条件 前提條件 qian2 ti2 tiao2 jian4

欠条 欠條 qian4 tiao2
IOU; certificate of indebtedness

全面禁止核试验条约 全面禁止核試驗條約 quan2 mian4 jin4 zhi3 he2 shi4 yan4 tiao2 yue1
Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty

冗条子 冗條子 rong3 tiao2 zi5
unwanted branches (of a tree etc)

肉条 肉條 rou4 tiao2

三条 三條 san1 tiao2
three of a kind (poker)

神经大条 神經大條 shen2 jing1 da4 tiao2
thick-skinned; insensitive

使用条款 使用條款 shi3 yong4 tiao2 kuan3
terms of use

收条 收條 shou1 tiao2

薯条 薯條 shu3 tiao2
french fries; french fried potatoes; chips

霜条 霜條 shuang1 tiao2

四条 四條 si4 tiao2
four of a kind; quads (poker)

碎布条 碎布條 sui4 bu4 tiao2

藤条 藤條 teng2 tiao2

天津会议专条 天津會議專條 tian1 jin1 hui4 yi4 zhuan1 tiao2
Tianjin agreement of 1885 between Li Hongzhang 李鴻章|李鸿章 and ITŌ Hirobumi 伊藤博文 to pull Qing and Japanese troops out of Korea

天津条约 天津條約 tian1 jin1 tiao2 yue1
Treaty of Tianjin of 1858, a sequence of unequal treaties 不平等條約|不平等条约 between Russia, USA, England, France and Qing China

条案 條案 tiao2 an4
long narrow table

条斑窃蠹 條斑竊蠹 tiao2 ban1 qie4 du4
furniture beetle

条板箱 條板箱 tiao2 ban3 xiang1

条播 條播 tiao2 bo1
to drill (i.e. plant seeds in spaced rows)

条畅 條暢 tiao2 chang4
orderly and logical (of writing); luxuriant; flourishing; prosperous

条陈 條陳 tiao2 chen2
to lay out (an argument) item by item; memorandum to a superior

条凳 條凳 tiao2 deng4

条分缕析 條分縷析 tiao2 fen1 lv3 xi1
to analyze thoroughly, point by point (idiom)

条幅 條幅 tiao2 fu2
wall scroll (for painting or calligraphy); banner

条幅广告 條幅廣告 tiao2 fu2 guang3 gao4
banner advertisement

条贯 條貫 tiao2 guan4
system; sequence; order; procedures

条规 條規 tiao2 gui1

条痕 條痕 tiao2 hen2
weal (e.g. from whipping); streak

条几 條幾 tiao2 ji1
long narrow table

条件 條件 tiao2 jian4
condition; circumstances; term; factor; requirement; prerequisite; qualification

条件反射 條件反射 tiao2 jian4 fan3 she4
conditioned reflex

条件反应 條件反應 tiao2 jian4 fan3 ying4
conditioned response

条件概率 條件概率 tiao2 jian4 gai4 lv4
conditional probability

条件句 條件句 tiao2 jian4 ju4
conditional clause

条件式 條件式 tiao2 jian4 shi4

条款 條款 tiao2 kuan3
clause (of contract or law)

条理 條理 tiao2 li3
arrangement; order; tidiness

条例 條例 tiao2 li4
regulations; rules; code of conduct; ordinances; statutes

条码 條碼 tiao2 ma3

条目 條目 tiao2 mu4
clauses and sub-clauses (in formal document); entry (in a dictionary, encyclopedia etc)

条条大路通罗马 條條大路通羅馬 tiao2 tiao2 da4 lu4 tong1 luo2 ma3
all roads lead to Rome; use different means to obtain the same result (idiom)

条条框框 條條框框 tiao2 tiao2 kuang4 kuang4
fixed framework (idiom); restriction of social conventions and taboos (usually derogatory); regulations and restrictions

条纹 條紋 tiao2 wen2

条文 條文 tiao2 wen2
clause; explanatory section in a document

条纹噪鹛 條紋噪鶥 tiao2 wen2 zao4 mei2
(bird species of China) striated laughingthrush (Garrulax striatus)

条形 條形 tiao2 xing2
a bar; a strip

条形码 條形碼 tiao2 xing2 ma3

条形燃料 條形燃料 tiao2 xing2 ran2 liao4
fuel rods

条形图 條形圖 tiao2 xing2 tu2
bar chart

条约 條約 tiao2 yue1
treaty; pact

条子 條子 tiao2 zi5
short note; slip of paper; stripe; (slang) cop; (old) prostitute

头条 頭條 tou2 tiao2
lead story (on the news)

头条新闻 頭條新聞 tou2 tiao2 xin1 wen2

卫生棉条 衛生棉條 wei4 sheng1 mian2 tiao2

无条件 無條件 wu2 tiao2 jian4

无条件投降 無條件投降 wu2 tiao2 jian4 tou2 xiang2
unconditional surrender

先决条件 先決條件 xian1 jue2 tiao2 jian4
precondition; prerequisite

线条 線條 xian4 tiao2
line (in drawing, calligraphy etc); the lines or contours of a three-dimensional object (hairstyle, clothing, car etc)

相容条件 相容條件 xiang1 rong2 tiao2 jian4
conditions for consistency

萧条 蕭條 xiao1 tiao2
bleak; desolate; (economic) depression or slump

辛丑条约 辛丑條約 xin1 chou3 tiao2 yue1
Boxer Protocol of 1901 signed in Beijing, ending the Eight-power Allied Force intervention after the Boxer uprising

信条 信條 xin4 tiao2
creed; article of faith

星条旗 星條旗 xing1 tiao2 qi2
Stars and Stripes, the flag of the United States

雪条 雪條 xue3 tiao2
ice lolly; popsicle

训条 訓條 xun4 tiao2
instruction; order; maxim

沿条儿 沿條兒 yan2 tiao2 er5
tape seam (in dressmaking); tape trim

样条函数 樣條函數 yang4 tiao2 han2 shu4
spline function (math)

一条道走到黑 一條道走到黑 yi1 tiao2 dao4 zou3 dao4 hei1
to stick to one's ways; to cling to one's course

一条龙 一條龍 yi1 tiao2 long2
lit. one dragon; integrated chain; coordinated process

一条龙服务 一條龍服務 yi1 tiao2 long2 fu2 wu4
one-stop service

一条绳上的蚂蚱 一條繩上的螞蚱 yi1 tiao2 sheng2 shang4 de5 ma4 zha5
lit. like locusts tied to one rope (idiom); fig. in the same boat; in it together for better or worse; to sink or swim together

一条心 一條心 yi1 tiao2 xin1
to be of one mind; to think or act alike

银条 銀條 yin2 tiao2
silver bar

油条 油條 you2 tiao2
youtiao (deep-fried breadstick); slick and sly person

有条不紊 有條不紊 you3 tiao2 bu4 wen3
regular and thorough (idiom); methodically arranged

有条纹 有條紋 you3 tiao2 wen2

有条有理 有條有理 you3 tiao2 you3 li3
everything clear and orderly (idiom); neat and tidy

有条有理地 有條有理地 you3 tiao2 you3 li3 de5
methodically; systematically

约束条件 約束條件 yue1 shu4 tiao2 jian4
restrictive condition; constraint

轧钢条 軋鋼條 zha2 gang1 tiao2
steel rails

炸薯条 炸薯條 zha2 shu3 tiao2
french fries

炸土豆条 炸土豆條 zha2 tu3 dou4 tiao2
french fries; (hot) potato chips

炸土豆条儿 炸土豆條兒 zha2 tu3 dou4 tiao2 er5
erhua variant of 炸土豆條|炸土豆条

栅条 柵條 zha4 tiao2
paling; fence rail

整条 整條 zheng3 tiao2
entire; whole (fish, road etc)

枝条 枝條 zhi1 tiao2
branch; twig; stem

纸条 紙條 zhi3 tiao2
slip of paper

中俄北京条约 中俄北京條約 zhong1 e2 bei3 jing1 tiao2 yue1
the Treaty of Beijing of 1860 between Qing China and Tsarist Russia

中俄改订条约 中俄改訂條約 zhong1 e2 gai3 ding4 tiao2 yue1
Treaty of Saint Petersburg of 1881, whereby Russia handed back Yili province to Qing China in exchange for compensation payment and unequal treaty rights

中俄尼布楚条约 中俄尼布楚條約 zhong1 e2 ni2 bu4 chu3 tiao2 yue1
Treaty of Nerchinsk (1698) between Qing China and Russia

中俄伊犁条约 中俄伊犁條約 zhong1 e2 yi1 li2 tiao2 yue1
Treaty of Saint Petersburg of 1881, whereby Russia handed back Yili province to Qing China in exchange for compensation payment and unequal treaty rights

自然条件 自然條件 zi4 ran2 tiao2 jian4
natural conditions

字条 字條 zi4 tiao2
brief note