cup; trophy cup; classifier for certain containers of liquids: glass, cup

variant of 杯

variant of 杯; trophy cup; classifier for certain containers of liquids: glass, cup

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
杯垫 杯墊 bei1 dian4
(beverage) coaster

杯葛 杯葛 bei1 ge3
to boycott (loanword)

杯弓蛇影 杯弓蛇影 bei1 gong1 she2 ying3
lit. to see a bow reflected in a cup as a snake (idiom); fig. unnecessary suspicions; overly fearful

杯筊 杯筊 bei1 jiao3
see 杯珓

杯珓 杯珓 bei1 jiao4
pair of mussel-shaped objects thrown on the ground for divination purposes

杯酒解怨 杯酒解怨 bei1 jiu3 jie3 yuan4
a wine cup dissolves complaints (idiom); a few drinks can ease social interaction

杯酒释兵权 杯酒釋兵權 bei1 jiu3 shi4 bing1 quan2
to dismiss military hierarchy using wine cups; cf Song founding Emperor Song Taizu 宋太祖 holds a banquet in 961 and persuades his senior army commanders to go home to their provinces

杯酒言欢 杯酒言歡 bei1 jiu3 yan2 huan1
a few drinks and a nice conversation (idiom)

杯盘狼藉 杯盤狼藉 bei1 pan2 lang2 ji2
cups and dishes in complete disorder (idiom); after a riotous drinking party

杯水车薪 杯水車薪 bei1 shui3 che1 xin1
lit. a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood (idiom); fig. an utterly inadequate measure

杯托 杯托 bei1 tuo1
a saucer

杯中物 杯中物 bei1 zhong1 wu4
(lit.) contents of the cup; (fig.) liquor; wine

杯子 杯子 bei1 zi5
cup; glass

玻璃杯 玻璃杯 bo1 li5 bei1
drinking glass

茶杯 茶杯 cha2 bei1
teacup; tea-glass; cup; mug

超级杯 超級杯 chao1 ji2 bei1
Super cup (various sports); Super Bowl (American football championship game)

超级杯 超級盃 chao1 ji2 bei1
Super cup (various sports); Super Bowl (American football championship game)

戴维斯杯 戴維斯杯 dai4 wei2 si1 bei1
Davis cup (international tennis team competition)

对杯 對杯 dui4 bei1
to raise glasses together; to toast one another

干杯 乾杯 gan1 bei1
to drink a toast; Cheers! (proposing a toast); Here's to you!; Bottoms up!; lit. dry cup

高脚杯 高腳杯 gao1 jiao3 bei1

高球杯 高球杯 gao1 qiu2 bei1

好酒贪杯 好酒貪杯 hao3 jiu3 tan1 bei1
good wine taken in excess (idiom); fond of the bottle

奖杯 獎杯 jiang3 bei1
trophy cup

交杯酒 交杯酒 jiao1 bei1 jiu3
formal exchange of cups of wine between bride and groom as traditional wedding ceremony

筊杯 筊杯 jiao3 bei1
see 杯珓

酒杯 酒杯 jiu3 bei1
wine cup

举杯 舉杯 ju3 bei1
to toast sb (with wine etc); to drink a toast

靠杯 靠盃 kao4 bei1
see 靠北

莱德杯 萊德杯 lai2 de2 bei1
the Ryder Cup (US and Europe golf team competition)

量杯 量杯 liang2 bei1
measuring cup; graduated measuring cylinder

马克杯 馬克杯 ma3 ke4 bei1
mug (loanword)

免洗杯 免洗杯 mian3 xi3 bei1
disposable cup (Tw)

欧洲杯 歐洲杯 ou1 zhou1 bei1
European cup (e.g. soccer)

捧杯 捧杯 peng3 bei1
to win a championship; to come out top; to take the cup

烧杯 燒杯 shao1 bei1
beaker (glassware)

圣杯 聖杯 sheng4 bei1
Holy Grail

试杯 試杯 shi4 bei1
Petri dish; test dish; trial slide

世界杯 世界杯 shi4 jie4 bei1
World Cup

苏迪曼杯 蘇迪曼杯 su1 di2 man4 bei1
Sudirman cup (world badminton team competition)

贪杯 貪杯 tan1 bei1
to drink in excess

汤姆斯杯 湯姆斯杯 tang1 mu3 si1 bei1
Thomas cup (international badminton team competition)

续杯 續杯 xu4 bei1
to refill (a beverage cup)

亚洲杯 亞洲杯 ya4 zhou1 bei1
Asian cup

亚洲杯 亞洲盃 ya4 zhou1 bei1
Asian cup

一杯羹 一杯羹 yi1 bei1 geng1
lit. a cup of soup; fig. to get part of the profits; one's share of the action

银杯 銀杯 yin2 bei1
silver cup (trophy)

罩杯 罩杯 zhao4 bei1
cup (bra size)

纸杯 紙杯 zhi3 bei1
paper cup