dark and quiet; disappear

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
雁杳鱼沉 雁杳魚沈 yan4 yao3 yu2 chen2
without news from sb (idiom)

杳霭 杳靄 yao3 ai3
far and deep

杳茫 杳茫 yao3 mang2
distant and out of sight

杳眇 杳眇 yao3 miao3
variant of 杳渺

杳渺 杳渺 yao3 miao3
dimly discernible

杳冥 杳冥 yao3 ming2
dim and dusky; far and indistinct

杳然 杳然 yao3 ran2
quiet, silent, and lonely; far and indistinct; gone without a trace

杳如黄鹤 杳如黃鶴 yao3 ru2 huang2 he4
to be gone forever (idiom); to disappear without a trace

杳无人烟 杳無人煙 yao3 wu2 ren2 yan1
dark and uninhabited (idiom); remote and deserted; God-forsaken

杳无消息 杳無消息 yao3 wu2 xiao1 xi1
see 杳無音信|杳无音信

杳无音信 杳無音信 yao3 wu2 yin1 xin4
to have no news whatever

杳杳 杳杳 yao3 yao3
deep and somber; see also 窈窈

鱼沉雁杳 魚沉雁杳 yu2 chen2 yan4 yao3
lit. the fish sinks, the goose vanishes into the distance (idiom); a letter does not arrive; lost in transmission