to twist; crooked; unjust; in vain

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
不枉 不枉 bu4 wang3
not in vain

矫枉过正 矯枉過正 jiao3 wang3 guo4 zheng4
to overcorrect (idiom); to overcompensate

矫枉过直 矯枉過直 jiao3 wang3 guo4 zhi2
see 矯枉過正|矫枉过正

贪赃枉法 貪贓枉法 tan1 zang1 wang3 fa3
corruption and abuse of the law (idiom); to take bribes and bend the law

枉法 枉法 wang3 fa3
to circumvent the law

枉费 枉費 wang3 fei4
to waste (one's breath, one's energy etc); to try in vain

枉顾 枉顧 wang3 gu4
to neglect; to misuse; to mistreat; to abuse

枉径 枉徑 wang3 jing4
winding lane

枉劳 枉勞 wang3 lao2
to work in vain

枉然 枉然 wang3 ran2
in vain; to no avail

枉攘 枉攘 wang3 rang3
tumultuous; disorderly

枉死 枉死 wang3 si3
to die in tragic circumstances

徇情枉法 徇情枉法 xun4 qing2 wang3 fa3
see 徇私枉法

徇私枉法 徇私枉法 xun4 si1 wang3 fa3
to bend the law in order to favor one's relatives or associates (idiom)

冤枉 冤枉 yuan1 wang5
to accuse wrongly; to treat unjustly; injustice; wronged; not worthwhile

冤枉路 冤枉路 yuan1 wang5 lu4
pointless trip; not worth the trip

冤枉钱 冤枉錢 yuan1 wang5 qian2
pointless expense; not worth the money spent