pillow; to pillow; to rest one's head on (Taiwan pr. for this sense)

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
U型枕 U型枕 - xing2 zhen3
travel pillow

安枕 安枕 an1 zhen3
to sleep soundly; (fig.) to rest easy; to be free of worries

白枕鹤 白枕鶴 bai2 zhen3 he4
(bird species of China) white-naped crane (Grus vipio)

抱枕 抱枕 bao4 zhen3
bolster; a long pillow or cushion

吹枕边风 吹枕邊風 chui1 zhen3 bian1 feng1
to sway (sb) through pillow talk

高枕无忧 高枕無憂 gao1 zhen3 wu2 you1
to sleep peacefully (idiom); (fig.) to rest easy; to be free of worries

轨枕 軌枕 gui3 zhen3
sleeper; tie

黑枕黄鹂 黑枕黃鸝 hei1 zhen3 huang2 li2
(bird species of China) black-naped oriole (Oriolus chinensis)

黑枕王鹟 黑枕王鶲 hei1 zhen3 wang2 weng1
(bird species of China) black-naped monarch (Hypothymis azurea)

黑枕燕鸥 黑枕燕鷗 hei1 zhen3 yan4 ou1
(bird species of China) black-naped tern (Sterna sumatrana)

蓝枕八色鸫 藍枕八色鶇 lan2 zhen3 ba1 se4 dong1
(bird species of China) blue-naped pitta (Hydrornis nipalensis)

蓝枕花蜜鸟 藍枕花蜜鳥 lan2 zhen3 hua1 mi4 niao3
(bird species of China) purple-naped sunbird (Hypogramma hypogrammicum)

落枕 落枕 lao4 zhen3
to have a stiff neck after sleeping; (of the head) to touch the pillow

寝苫枕块 寢苫枕塊 qin3 shan1 zhen3 kuai4
bed of straw and pillow of clay (idiom); the correct etiquette for a filial son during the mourning period

曲肱而枕 曲肱而枕 qu1 gong1 er2 zhen3
lit. to use one's bent arm as a pillow (idiom); fig. content with simple things

失枕 失枕 shi1 zhen3
a crick in the neck; stiff neck

同床共枕 同床共枕 tong2 chuang2 gong4 zhen3
to share the bed; (fig.) to be married

叶枕 葉枕 ye4 zhen3

枕边风 枕邊風 zhen3 bian1 feng1
pillow talk

枕边故事 枕邊故事 zhen3 bian1 gu4 shi5
bedtime story

枕边人 枕邊人 zhen3 bian1 ren2
the person who shares your bed; partner; spouse

枕戈待旦 枕戈待旦 zhen3 ge1 dai4 dan4
to wait for dawn, one's head resting on a spear (idiom); fully prepared and biding one's time before the battle

枕戈寝甲 枕戈寢甲 zhen3 ge1 qin3 jia3
to sleep on one's armor with a spear as a pillow (idiom); to keep ready for battle at all times

枕骨 枕骨 zhen3 gu3
occipital bone (back of the skull)

枕藉 枕藉 zhen3 jie4
to lie in total disorder; lying fallen over one another

枕巾 枕巾 zhen3 jin1
pillow cloth

枕块 枕塊 zhen3 kuai4
to use clay for a pillow (during mourning period)

枕冷衾寒 枕冷衾寒 zhen3 leng3 qin1 han2
cold pillow and lonely bed (idiom); fig. cold and solitary existence

枕木 枕木 zhen3 mu4
railroad tie; sleeper

枕石漱流 枕石漱流 zhen3 shi2 shu4 liu2
to live a hermit's life (in seclusion); a frugal life (idiom)

枕套 枕套 zhen3 tao4

枕头 枕頭 zhen3 tou5

枕头蛋糕 枕頭蛋糕 zhen3 tou5 dan4 gao1
loaf cake

枕头套 枕頭套 zhen3 tou5 tao4
pillow case

枕头箱 枕頭箱 zhen3 tou5 xiang1
Chinese pillow box (used to keep valuables)

枕席 枕席 zhen3 xi2
pillow mat; pillow and mat; bed

枕席儿 枕席兒 zhen3 xi2 er5
erhua variant of 枕席

枕心 枕心 zhen3 xin1
bare pillow (i.e. the pillow without pillow-case)

枕岩漱流 枕岩漱流 zhen3 yan2 shu4 liu2
see 枕石漱流

枕叶 枕葉 zhen3 ye4
occipital lobe

枕状玄武岩 枕狀玄武岩 zhen3 zhuang4 xuan2 wu3 yan2
pillow lava (geology); pillow basalt

枕葄 枕葄 zhen3 zuo4

棕枕山雀 棕枕山雀 zong1 zhen3 shan1 que4
(bird species of China) rufous-naped tit (Periparus rufonuchalis)