branch; classifier for sticks, rods, pencils etc

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
本固枝荣 本固枝榮 ben3 gu4 zhi1 rong2
when the root is firm, the branches flourish

粗枝大叶 粗枝大葉 cu1 zhi1 da4 ye4
thick stems and broad leaves (idiom); boorish; rough and ready; sloppy

番荔枝 番荔枝 fan1 li4 zhi1
custard apple; soursop (Annonaceae)

分枝 分枝 fen1 zhi1

橄榄枝 橄欖枝 gan3 lan3 zhi1
olive branch; symbol of peace

桂枝 桂枝 gui4 zhi1
cinnamon (Ramulus Cinnamomi)

横生枝节 橫生枝節 heng2 sheng1 zhi1 jie2
to deliberately complicate an issue (idiom)

花枝 花枝 hua1 zhi1
spray (sprig of a plant with blossoms); squid (on dining menus); (literary) beautiful woman

花枝招展 花枝招展 hua1 zhi1 zhao1 zhan3
lit. lovely scene of blossoming plants swaying in the breeze (idiom); fig. gorgeously dressed (woman)

剪枝 剪枝 jian3 zhi1
to prune (branches etc)

接枝 接枝 jie1 zhi1
(tree) graft

节上生枝 節上生枝 jie2 shang4 sheng1 zhi1
a new branch grows out of a knot (idiom); fig. side issues keep arising

节外生枝 節外生枝 jie2 wai4 sheng1 zhi1
a new branch grows out of a knot (idiom); fig. side issues keep arising

金枝玉叶 金枝玉葉 jin1 zhi1 yu4 ye4
golden branch, jade leaves (idiom); fig. blue-blooded nobility, esp. imperial kinsmen or peerless beauty

荔枝 荔枝 li4 zhi1
litchi or lychee fruit (Litchi chinensis Sonn.)

荔枝核 荔枝核 li4 zhi1 he2
seeds of litchi or lychee (in TCM)

六枝特区 六枝特區 lu4 zhi1 te4 qu1
Luzhi special economic area in Liupanshui 六盤水|六盘水, west Guizhou

蘖枝 櫱枝 nie4 zhi1
branch stem

攀枝花 攀枝花 pan1 zhi1 hua1
Panzhihua prefecture-level city in the south of Sichuan

攀枝花 攀枝花 pan1 zhi1 hua1
kapok (tree)

攀枝花地区 攀枝花地區 pan1 zhi1 hua1 di4 qu1
Panzhihua prefecture in south Sichuan, bordering Yunnan

攀枝花市 攀枝花市 pan1 zhi1 hua1 shi4
Panzhihua prefecture level city in south Sichuan, bordering Yunnan, famous for steel production and pollution

枪枝 槍枝 qiang1 zhi1
a gun; guns in general; same as 槍支|枪支

树枝 樹枝 shu4 zhi1
branch; twig

树枝状晶 樹枝狀晶 shu4 zhi1 zhuang4 jing1
dendrite (crystallography)

水横枝 水橫枝 shui3 heng2 zhi1
cape jasmine (Gardenia jasminoides), esp. grown as bonsai

细枝末节 細枝末節 xi4 zhi1 mo4 jie2
minor details; trifles

一枝独秀 一枝獨秀 yi1 zhi1 du2 xiu4
lit. only one branch of the tree is thriving (idiom); fig. to be in a league of one's own; outstanding

有枝有叶 有枝有葉 you3 zhi1 you3 ye4
to become bogged down in the details (idiom)

远门近枝 遠門近枝 yuan3 men2 jin4 zhi1
near and distant relatives

在天愿做比翼鸟,在地愿做连理枝 在天願做比翼鳥,在地願做連理枝 zai4 tian1 yuan4 zuo4 bi3 yi4 niao3 - zai4 di4 yuan4 zuo4 lian2 li3 zhi1
In the sky to be two birds flying wing to wing, on earth to be two trees with branches intertwined; wishing for conjugal bliss

折枝 折枝 zhe2 zhi1
massage; snapped-off branch; sprig; to snap a twig (i.e. sth that requires very little effort)

枝城 枝城 zhi1 cheng2
Zicheng town in Yidu county 宜都, Yichang 宜昌, Hubei

枝城镇 枝城鎮 zhi1 cheng2 zhen4
Zicheng town in Yidu county 宜都, Yichang 宜昌, Hubei

枝江 枝江 zhi1 jiang1
Zhijiang county level city in Yichang 宜昌, Hubei

枝江市 枝江市 zhi1 jiang1 shi4
Zhijiang county level city in Yichang 宜昌, Hubei

枝节 枝節 zhi1 jie2
branches and knots; fig. side issue; minor peripheral problem

枝节横生 枝節橫生 zhi1 jie2 heng2 sheng1
side issues keep arising (idiom)

枝解 枝解 zhi1 jie3
variant of 肢解

枝晶 枝晶 zhi1 jing1
abbr. of 樹枝狀晶|树枝状晶

枝蔓 枝蔓 zhi1 man4
branches and tendrils; fig. overcomplicated or digressive

枝条 枝條 zhi1 tiao2
branch; twig; stem

枝桠 枝椏 zhi1 ya1
branch; twig

枝丫 枝丫 zhi1 ya1
variant of 枝椏|枝桠

枝枒 枝枒 zhi1 ya1
variant of 枝椏|枝桠

枝叶 枝葉 zhi1 ye4
branch and leaf

枝子 枝子 zhi1 zi5
twig; branch

祝枝山 祝枝山 zhu4 zhi1 shan1
Zhu Zhishan (1460-1526), Ming calligrapher and poet, one of Four great southern talents of the Ming 江南四大才子

棕枝全日 棕枝全日 zong1 zhi1 quan2 ri4
Palm Sunday (Christian Festival one week before Easter)

棕枝主日 棕枝主日 zong1 zhi1 zhu3 ri4
Palm Sunday (Sunday before Easter)