cangue (wooden collar like stocks used to restrain and punish criminals in China)

strokes 9
strokes after radical 5
枷板 枷板 jia1 ban3
cangue; fig. difficult situation

枷带锁抓 枷帶鎖抓 jia1 dai4 suo3 zhua1
in stocks; in fetter for punishment

枷锁 枷鎖 jia1 suo3
stocks and chain; in fetters

枷销 枷銷 jia1 xiao1
yoke; chains; shackles; fetters

梿枷 槤枷 lian2 jia1
variant of 連枷|连枷

连枷 連枷 lian2 jia1

连枷胸 連枷胸 lian2 jia1 xiong1
flail chest (medicine)

麦枷 麥枷 mai4 jia1
flail; to thresh (using a flail)