soft; flexible; supple; yielding; rho (Greek letter Ρρ)

strokes 9
strokes after radical 5
包柔氏螺旋体 包柔氏螺旋體 bao1 rou2 shi4 luo2 xuan2 ti3
Borrelia, genus of Spirochaete bacteria

刚柔并济 剛柔並濟 gang1 rou2 bing4 ji4
to couple strength and gentleness (idiom)

怀柔 懷柔 huai2 rou2
Huairou rural district of Beijing, formerly Huairou county

怀柔 懷柔 huai2 rou2
to conciliate; to appease

怀柔区 懷柔區 huai2 rou2 qu1
Huairou rural district of Beijing municipality, formerly Huairou county

怀柔县 懷柔縣 huai2 rou2 xian4
former Huairou county, now Huairou rural district of Beijing

轻柔 輕柔 qing1 rou2
soft; gentle; pliable

柔肠寸断 柔腸寸斷 rou2 chang2 cun4 duan4
lit. to feel as if one's intestines have been cut short; broken-hearted (idiom)

柔道 柔道 rou2 dao4

柔佛 柔佛 rou2 fo2
Johor (state of Malaysia at south of Malayan peninsula)

柔佛海峡 柔佛海峽 rou2 fo2 hai3 xia2
Straits of Johor (between Malaysia and Singapore)

柔佛州 柔佛州 rou2 fo2 zhou1
Johor (state in Malaysia)

柔肤水 柔膚水 rou2 fu1 shui3
balancing lotion

柔和 柔和 rou2 he2
gentle; soft

柔曼 柔曼 rou2 man4
soft; gentle

柔美 柔美 rou2 mei3
gentle and beautiful

柔媚 柔媚 rou2 mei4
gentle and lovely; charming

柔嫩 柔嫩 rou2 nen4
tender; delicate (texture)

柔能克刚 柔能克剛 rou2 neng2 ke4 gang1
lit. the soft can subdue the hard

柔情 柔情 rou2 qing2
gentle feelings; tender sentiments

柔情脉脉 柔情脈脈 rou2 qing2 mo4 mo4
full of tender feelings (idiom); tender-hearted

柔情似水 柔情似水 rou2 qing2 si4 shui3
tender and soft as water; deeply attached to sb

柔情侠骨 柔情俠骨 rou2 qing2 xia2 gu3
gentle feelings and chivalrous disposition (idiom)

柔韧 柔韌 rou2 ren4
pliable and tough; supple and strong; flexible

柔软 柔軟 rou2 ruan3

柔软剂 柔軟劑 rou2 ruan3 ji4

柔弱 柔弱 rou2 ruo4
weak; delicate

柔身术 柔身術 rou2 shen1 shu4
contortion (performance art)

柔术 柔術 rou2 shu4
jujitsu; contortion (performance art)

柔顺 柔順 rou2 shun4
gentle and agreeable; supple; yielding

柔顺剂 柔順劑 rou2 shun4 ji4
fabric softener

柔性 柔性 rou2 xing4

外刚内柔 外剛內柔 wai4 gang1 nei4 rou2
soft on the inside despite one's hard shell; appearing tough on the outside as to mask one's inner vulnerability; also written 內柔外剛|内柔外刚

温柔 溫柔 wen1 rou2
gentle and soft; tender

纤柔 纖柔 xian1 rou2
delicate; fine

以柔克刚 以柔克剛 yi3 rou2 ke4 gang1
to use softness to conquer strength (idiom)

阴柔 陰柔 yin1 rou2
gentle and reserved; soft; feminine

优柔 優柔 you1 rou2
gentle; carefree; indecisive; weak

优柔寡断 優柔寡斷 you1 rou2 gua3 duan4
indecisive; irresolute