a wooden or bamboo pen for sheep or cattle; wood or bamboo trestlework; a warehouse

strokes 9
strokes after radical 5
堆栈 堆棧 dui1 zhan4
stack (computing); storehouse; warehouse

关栈 關棧 guan1 zhan4
bonded warehouse

关栈费 關棧費 guan1 zhan4 fei4
bonding fee

行栈 行棧 hang2 zhan4

货栈 貨棧 huo4 zhan4

进栈 進棧 jin4 zhan4
to push on

客栈 客棧 ke4 zhan4
tavern; guest house; inn; hotel

老马恋栈 老馬戀棧 lao3 ma3 lian4 zhan4
lit. the old horse loves his stable; fig. sb old but reluctant to relinquish their post (idiom)

落栈 落棧 lao4 zhan4
see 落棧|落栈

恋栈 戀棧 lian4 zhan4
to be reluctant to give up a post

粮栈 糧棧 liang2 zhan4
wholesale grain store

露天堆栈 露天堆棧 lu4 tian1 dui1 zhan4
open-air repository; open-air depot

落栈 落棧 luo4 zhan4
to make a rest stop at a hotel; to put sth into storage

贸易货栈 貿易貨棧 mao4 yi4 huo4 zhan4
commercial warehouse

明修栈道,暗渡陈仓 明修棧道,暗渡陳倉 ming2 xiu1 zhan4 dao4 - an4 du4 chen2 cang1
lit. repair the plank road by day while secretly crossing the Wei River 渭河 at Chencang (idiom, refers to a stratagem used by Liu Bang 劉邦|刘邦 in 206 BC against Xiang Yu 項羽|项羽 of Chu); fig. to feign one thing while doing another; to cheat under cover of a di

驽马恋栈 駑馬戀棧 nu2 ma3 lian4 zhan4
an incompetent man clings to a good position (idiom)

驽马恋栈豆 駑馬戀棧豆 nu2 ma3 lian4 zhan4 dou4
see 駑馬戀棧|驽马恋栈

秦岭蜀栈道 秦嶺蜀棧道 qin2 ling3 shu3 zhan4 dao4
the Qinling plank road to Shu, a historical mountain road from Shaanxi to Sichuan

商栈 商棧 shang1 zhan4
inn; caravansary

羊栈 羊棧 yang2 zhan4
sheep or goat pen

鹰架栈台 鷹架棧臺 ying1 jia4 zhan4 tai2

栈板 棧板 zhan4 ban3

栈车 棧車 zhan4 che1
ancient vehicle made of wood and bamboo

栈存储器 棧存儲器 zhan4 cun2 chu3 qi4
stack memory (computing)

栈单 棧單 zhan4 dan1
cargo receipt; landing account; warehouse or storage receipt

栈道 棧道 zhan4 dao4
plank walkway constructed on the face of a cliff; (archaic) elevated passageway connecting the upper levels of adjacent towers

栈地址 棧地址 zhan4 di4 zhi3
stack address (computing)

栈顶 棧頂 zhan4 ding3
stack top (computing)

栈豆 棧豆 zhan4 dou4

栈房 棧房 zhan4 fang2
warehouse; storehouse; inn

栈阁 棧閣 zhan4 ge2
plank road built along the side of a cliff

栈架 棧架 zhan4 jia4

栈径 棧徑 zhan4 jing4
a plank road (built on trestles across the face of a cliff)

栈恋 棧戀 zhan4 lian4
sentimental attachment to a person or place

栈桥 棧橋 zhan4 qiao2
a pier; a landing-stage; a loading trestle for goods or passengers; a platform

栈桥式码头 棧橋式碼頭 zhan4 qiao2 shi4 ma3 tou5
jetty; pier

栈山航海 棧山航海 zhan4 shan1 hang2 hai3
to have a long and hard journey (idiom)

栈主 棧主 zhan4 zhu3

栈租 棧租 zhan4 zu1
warehouse rent; cost of storage

转运栈 轉運棧 zhuan3 yun4 zhan4
storage depot on a transportation route

桩构栈道 樁構棧道 zhuang1 gou4 zhan4 dao4
pile trestle