(legal) case; incident; record; file; table

strokes 10
strokes after radical 6
案板 案板 an4 ban3
kneading or chopping board

案兵束甲 案兵束甲 an4 bing1 shu4 jia3
to rest weapons and loosen armor (idiom); to relax from fighting

案称 案稱 an4 cheng4
counter scale

案底 案底 an4 di3
criminal record

案发 案發 an4 fa1
to investigate a crime on the spot; to occur (of a crime); to be discovered (of a crime)

案甲休兵 案甲休兵 an4 jia3 xiu1 bing1
to put down weapon and let soldiers rest (idiom); to relax from fighting

案件 案件 an4 jian4
case; instance

案卷 案卷 an4 juan4
records; files; archives

案例 案例 an4 li4
case (law)

案例法 案例法 an4 li4 fa3
case law

案情 案情 an4 qing2
details of a case; case

案首 案首 an4 shou3
candidate who ranked 1st in imperial examination on prefecture or county level (in Ming and Qing dynasties)

案头 案頭 an4 tou2
on one's desk

案文 案文 an4 wen2

案验 案驗 an4 yan4
investigate the evidence of a case

案由 案由 an4 you2
main points of a case; brief; summary

案语 案語 an4 yu3
variant of 按語|按语

案子 案子 an4 zi5
long table; counter; case; law case; legal case; judicial case

办案 辦案 ban4 an4
to handle a case

报案 報案 bao4 an4
to report a case to the authorities

备案 備案 bei4 an4
to put on record; to file

弊案 弊案 bi4 an4

编者案 編者案 bian1 zhe3 an4
variant of 編者按|编者按

病案 病案 bing4 an4
medical record

不信任案 不信任案 bu4 xin4 ren4 an4
no-confidence motion

惨案 慘案 can3 an4
massacre; tragedy

草案 草案 cao3 an4
draft (legislation, proposal etc)

初刻拍案惊奇 初刻拍案驚奇 chu1 ke4 pai1 an4 jing1 qi2
Slapping the Table in Amazement (Part I), first of two books of vernacular stories by Ming dynasty novelist Ling Mengchu 凌濛初|凌蒙初

错案 錯案 cuo4 an4
a misjudged legal case; a miscarriage (of justice)

答案 答案 da2 an4
answer; solution

大唐狄公案 大唐狄公案 da4 tang2 di2 gong1 an4
Three Murder Cases Solved by Judge Dee, 1949 novel by R.H. van Gulik, featuring Tang Dynasty politician Di Renjie 狄仁傑|狄仁杰 as master sleuth

档案 檔案 dang4 an4
file; record; archive

档案传输协定 檔案傳輸協定 dang4 an4 chuan2 shu1 xie2 ding4
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

档案分配区 檔案分配區 dang4 an4 fen1 pei4 qu1
file allocation table; FAT

档案服务 檔案服務 dang4 an4 fu2 wu4
file service

档案馆 檔案館 dang4 an4 guan3
archive library

档案建立 檔案建立 dang4 an4 jian4 li4
file creation

档案属性 檔案屬性 dang4 an4 shu3 xing4
file attribute

档案执行 檔案執行 dang4 an4 zhi2 xing2
file execution; executable file

档案转送 檔案轉送 dang4 an4 zhuan3 song4
file transfer

档案转送存取及管理 檔案轉送存取及管理 dang4 an4 zhuan3 song4 cun2 qu3 ji2 guan3 li3
File Transfer, Access and Management; FTAM

档案总管 檔案總管 dang4 an4 zong3 guan3
file manager (computing); (Windows) Explorer

到案 到案 dao4 an4
to make an appearance in court

德雷福斯案件 德雷福斯案件 de2 lei2 fu2 si1 an4 jian4
Dreyfus affair 1894-1906, notorious political scandal in France case involving antisemitism and miscarriage of justice

狄公案 狄公案 di2 gong1 an4
Dee Gong An (or Judge Dee's) Cases, 18th century fantasy featuring Tang dynasty politician Di Renjie 狄仁傑|狄仁杰 as master sleuth, translated by R.H. van Gulik as Three Murder Cases Solved by Judge Dee

第二次汉字简化方案 第二次漢字簡化方案 di4 er4 ci4 han4 zi4 jian3 hua4 fang1 an4
Second Chinese Character Simplification Scheme (second round of simplified Chinese characters, proposed in 1977 and retracted in 1986); abbr. to 二簡|二简

定案 定案 ding4 an4
to reach a verdict; to conclude a judgment

都更案 都更案 du1 geng1 an4
urban development project

断案 斷案 duan4 an4
to judge a case

堆案盈几 堆案盈几 dui1 an4 ying2 ji1
lit. piles of work and papers (idiom); fig. accumulated backlog of work

对案 對案 dui4 an4

二刻拍案惊奇 二刻拍案驚奇 er4 ke4 pai1 an4 jing1 qi2
Slapping the Table in Amazement (Part II), second of two books of vernacular stories by Ming dynasty novelist Ling Mengchu 凌濛初|凌蒙初

发案 發案 fa1 an4
occurrence (refers to time and place esp. of a criminal act); to take place; to occur; to advertise freelance work

法案 法案 fa3 an4
bill; proposed law

翻案 翻案 fan1 an4
to reverse a verdict; to present different views on a historical person or verdict

犯案 犯案 fan4 an4
to commit a crime or offence

方案 方案 fang1 an4
plan; program (for action etc); proposal; proposed bill

伏案 伏案 fu2 an4
to bend over one's desk (writing, studying, taking a nap etc)

个案 個案 ge4 an4
a case; an individual case; case-by-case

公案 公案 gong1 an4
judge's desk; complex legal case; contentious issue; koan (Zen Buddhism)

归案 歸案 gui1 an4
to bring to justice; arrested and brought to trial

几案 幾案 ji1 an4
table; long table

积案 積案 ji1 an4
long pending case

技术方案 技術方案 ji4 shu4 fang1 an4
technology program; technical solution

假案 假案 jia3 an4
fabricated legal case; frame-up

教案 教案 jiao4 an4
lesson plan; teaching plan; a "missionary case" (a dispute over Christian missionaries during the late Qing)

接案 接案 jie1 an4
to be informed of a case; to take a case; to contract for a job (as a freelancer)

结案 結案 jie2 an4
to conclude a case; to wind up

经典案例 經典案例 jing1 dian3 an4 li4
case study; classic example

旧案 舊案 jiu4 an4
old court case; long-standing legal dispute

举案齐眉 舉案齊眉 ju3 an4 qi2 mei2
lit. to lift the tray to eyebrow level (idiom); mutual respect in a marriage

决议案 決議案 jue2 yi4 an4
resolution (of a meeting)

立案 立案 li4 an4
to register (to an official organism); to file a case (for investigation)

立案侦查 立案偵查 li4 an4 zhen1 cha2
to file for investigation; to prosecute (a case)

另案 另案 ling4 an4
another case (in law); a case to treat separately

脉案 脈案 mai4 an4
medical record

命案 命案 ming4 an4
homicide case; murder case

谋杀案 謀殺案 mou2 sha1 an4
murder case

拍案 拍案 pai1 an4
lit. to slap the table (in amazement, praise, anger, resentment etc); fig. astonishing!, wonderful!, dreadful! etc

拍案而起 拍案而起 pai1 an4 er2 qi3
lit. to slap the table and stand up (idiom); fig. at the end of one's tether; unable to take it any more

拍案叫绝 拍案叫絕 pai1 an4 jiao4 jue2
lit. slap the table and shout with praise (idiom); fig. wonderful!; amazing!; great!

拍案惊奇 拍案驚奇 pai1 an4 jing1 qi2
to slap the table in amazement (idiom); wonderful!; amazing!

排华法案 排華法案 pai2 hua2 fa3 an4
Chinese Exclusion Act, a US law restricting Chinese immigration from 1882-1943

骗案 騙案 pian4 an4
scam; fraud

破案 破案 po4 an4
to solve a case; shabby old table

枪击案 槍擊案 qiang1 ji1 an4
a shooting

抢劫案 搶劫案 qiang3 jie2 an4
robbery; holdup

权利法案 權利法案 quan2 li4 fa3 an4
bill of rights

杀人案 殺人案 sha1 ren2 an4
murder case; homicide case

杀人案件 殺人案件 sha1 ren2 an4 jian4
(case of, incident of) murder

山案座 山案座 shan1 an4 zuo4
Mensa (constellation)

涉案 涉案 she4 an4
(of a perpetrator, victim, weapon, sum of money etc) to be involved in the case

涉黑案 涉黑案 she4 hei1 an4
gang-related case; criminal case

受贿案 受賄案 shou4 hui4 an4
bribery case

书案 書案 shu1 an4
writing desk; official record

四一二惨案 四一二慘案 si4 yi1 er4 can3 an4
the massacre of 12th Mar 1927; the Shanghai coup of 12th Mar 1927 by Chiang Kai-shek against the communists

苏报案 蘇報案 su1 bao4 an4
Qing's 1903 suppression of revolutionary calls in newspaper 蘇報|苏报, leading to imprisonment of Zhang Taiyan 章太炎 and Zou Rong 鄒容|邹容

桃色案件 桃色案件 tao2 se4 an4 jian4
case involving sex scandal (law)

提案 提案 ti2 an4
proposal; draft resolution; motion (to be debated); to propose a bill; to make a proposal

提案人 提案人 ti2 an4 ren2

条案 條案 tiao2 an4
long narrow table

同案犯 同案犯 tong2 an4 fan4

投案 投案 tou2 an4
to surrender to the authorities; to turn oneself in (for a crime)

图案 圖案 tu2 an4
design; pattern

误判案 誤判案 wu4 pan4 an4
miscarriage of justice

香案 香案 xiang1 an4
incense burner table

销案 銷案 xiao1 an4
to close a case; to bring a case to a close (law)

刑案 刑案 xing2 an4
criminal case

行动方案 行動方案 xing2 dong4 fang1 an4
program of action

凶杀案 兇殺案 xiong1 sha1 an4
murder case

修正案 修正案 xiu1 zheng4 an4
amendment; revised draft

悬案 懸案 xuan2 an4
unresolved question; unresolved case

血案 血案 xue4 an4
murder case

医案 醫案 yi1 an4
case history (TCM); case record

遗案 遺案 yi2 an4
unsolved case (law)

疑案 疑案 yi2 an4
a doubtful case; a controversy

议案 議案 yi4 an4
proposal; motion

预案 預案 yu4 an4
contingency plan

冤案 冤案 yuan1 an4
miscarriage of justice

冤假错案 冤假錯案 yuan1 jia3 cuo4 an4
unjust, fake and false charges (in a legal case)

中苏解决悬案大纲协定 中蘇解決懸案大綱協定 zhong1 su1 jie3 jue2 xuan2 an4 da4 gang1 xie2 ding4
the treaty of 1923 normalizing relations between the Soviet Union and the Northern Warlord government of China

重案 重案 zhong4 an4
major case; serious crime

专案 專案 zhuan1 an4
special case for investigation; project (Taiwan)

专案经理 專案經理 zhuan1 an4 jing1 li3
project manager

专案组 專案組 zhuan1 an4 zu3
special investigation team (legal or judicial)

桌案 桌案 zhuo1 an4

捉拿归案 捉拿歸案 zhuo1 na2 gui1 an4
to bring to justice

罪案 罪案 zui4 an4
a criminal case

作案 作案 zuo4 an4
to commit a crime